Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

December 12, 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Let’s face it as the holiday bells draw near, a Christmas gift for everyone you hold dear can easily get you in panic mode - not to mention bring out the Uncle Scrooge in you. Right? The right Christmas gift ideas can certainly be as fleeting as the morning mist - easily drowned by a million and one options flaunted within the brick-and-mortar stores. All over America.  

Zeroing in on a Christmas gift for mom can be a daunting task when you want to make happy someone you sorely missed, but have barely spent time together this year. The same holds true for finding a suitable Christmas gift befitting men. While you definitely don’t want to come out as cheap, you are confronted with gloomy prospects. Ever-Diminishing cash on hand.

The good news is we’ve got you covered. With you in mind, we’re showing the most sought-after tech solutions which have helped ease the burden on our most endearing customers all over the world. Putting a smile on their faces while empowering their lives in the process. Our vision in this Christmas gift guide 2019 is to provide you with easier access to spot-on product gift ideas for each category you deem fit. That in the long tradition of PerfectPrime is bound to up the lifestyles of your inner circle - from the closest of kin to the best of colleagues and friends - without putting a huge dent in your wallet. To a stress-free holiday season. Read on.


Your Perfect Christmas Gift for Men: The Sturdy IR0006

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa in all his holy manliness may have it all in a breeze - clearing chimneys and laughing all the way through. But no sweat! It doesn’t matter if he’s the hubby of your life or the father you adore since your first day on the planet, here’s something to cater to the conquistador in men. On point!

The IR0006 is your professional thermal imaging that fits a man’s pocket to a T. And there may not be a power choice quite like it. Ever. Any pixel-obsessed techie may have a field day with the better-than-average 76,800-pixel quality output of this handy cam. If you’re sitting on the fence on the idea of a thermal camera, know that the technology has saved thousands of lives. As each and every firefighter in America can attest.

With PerfectPrime’s IR006, you’re giving your man the power in his hands: to protect his abode from untimely fire and irreverent intruders (man or beast). Not to mention keep your pets safe and warm and your cooking irresistible.

And that’s just for starters!

THE GOOD NEWS: This thermal camera is on limited sale for the season.


Your Perfect Christmas Gift for Mom: The Aspara Smart Grower

The Aspara is one technological breakthrough nobody should miss! Surely, not only will it light your mother/wife’s eyes like it’s the 4th of July, it’s going to give her the gift of longevity. Right at her doorstep.  And as caring as the woman you love to everyone around her, the smart hydroponic grower gives her the perfect instrument to spread the cheers. Keeping her family as healthy as can be.

Indeed aspara is perfect for the home. How would you like your ‘First Lady” to grow the greenest of greens in record time? At no sweat. The hydroponic marvel won’t need the benefit of sunlight or soil to do just that. Best for nourishment, the smart box is IoT (Internet of Things) at its best - giving your lady love control even from miles away. Via an app. In this sense, making it an ideal learning tool for children.

With this as a gift for the woman of your life, you make your bond stronger. And she, healthier than ever.  

THE GOOD NEWS: Best buy at Buy-One-Take-One Promo. Plus seed kits at buy two get one! Let her choose from 15 choices - from tomatoes, green lettuce to parsley.


A Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Brother: The Hot-seller IR0005


A brother can be like a young father to you: always there when needed but sometimes not in total agreement with you (ideologically). And like any healthy male the need to explore the world beyond the limits of our human eyes. What better way to do it than get him started to the wonderful world of thermography via the hot-seller IR0005.

Here, your brother is in good hands. Right off the bat, compact and ergonomically designed, the IR0005 comes with a solid reputation, being an Amazon choice product for the umpteenth time. Telling you this 220 x 160 pixel thermal imaging camera is up to the task when detecting hot and cold spots. In a snap.

Plus, this has got internal storage that combined with its ability to juxtapose real-life imagery with thermography in its large screen should get your BRO ample time to be busy all year through. So much, he might even want to try his hands on being a professional inspector. Putting money in his wallet.

THE GOOD NEWS: This hot-seller is sold at a limited discounted price this season. Telling you now’s the best time to get going.


A Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Sister: The Nifty IR0102


Ever thought about how your sister has added so much spice and laughter to your life? Well, this Christmas season is the best time to reciprocate that love - by adding value to her. And what better way to do that than the IR0102 add on?

Do you remember the time your sis moved heaven and earth just to find a pet cat? Or wanted to check the attic’s temperature in a jiffy? The answer: the nifty PerfectPrime IR0102 device. A lightweight add-on, this turns any Android smartphone into an instant thermal camera introducing the amazing beauty of thermography to your next of kin in a snap of a finger. No need to be burdened by all the extra weight traditional infrared imagers bring.

It’s win-win really. For your sis and you as this nifty device won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet.

THE GOOD NEWS: Is on limited sale this season. At less than $100.


A Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Friends: The Warm Electric Neck Scarf


Nothing can put your day right with friends giving you warmth through and through. They don’t ask much. Just giving you the support you need when you need it most. So this season, keeping them warm when and where they need to is timely. Gift them PerfectPrime’s Electric Neck Scarf is way spot on.


Why? Winter nights can surely get to anybody out there. Your friends would need all the warmth they can get. And since time immemorial, ordinary scarves just are too ordinary to cut it. You can’t leave your friends out in the cold, right? The solution: Just have him/her connect this e-scarf to a power bank and your friend will have her needed warmth. In no time.

THE GOOD NEWS: Low price points. And on limited sale this season.


A Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Colleagues: PerfectPrime’s Smart Plug


Move over cheap picture frames or imitation smartwatches, there’s something you can give to your office mates that won’t make lose your shirt. Or worse, make you the center of gossip ville for being so frugal. And that’s a smart plug from PerfectPrime.

Why? Because getting them that iconic smart plug will put their homes - and their lives - right front and center of the 21st century. Just thinking of the functionality of one should make your workmates eyes lit up. So much, you might decide to keep one for yourself.

PerfectPrime’s smart plug means being able to rein in all electronic devices. With one in operation, your co-worker won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night just to charge his smartphone. A smart plug does that. Not only can you pre-set the time or length of charging, you can control your charging even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

So long as you have the internet on your side. Welcome to the wonderful world of IoT!

THE GOOD NEWS: The price points are so manageable you can buy a dozen. The more possible gifts. The more happy friends.




That should wrap it all up, folks. Remember when it comes to a Christmas gift and Christmas gift ideas - be it a Christmas gift for mom or a Christmas gift for the men of your life - it all should come with a love note as more than anything else, it’s always the thought that counts. Touche!