PerfectPrime GA0080 Multi-Gas Leak detector

GA0080 Multi Gas Detector

This natural gas detector can detect most combustible gaseshydrogen, oxygen, natural gas, methane, ethane, acetylene, ethanol, propane, propylene, butene, methyl ether, vinyl chloride, liquefied petroleum gas, carbon monoxide, isobutylene

THREE COLOR LIGHT INDICATION for different concentration level;

Green Light - less than 2500ppm,

Yellow Light - Between 2500ppm and 4000ppm

Red Light - an excess of 4000ppm.

POWERED BY 2 AA BATTERIES(NOT INCLUDED) and powered by 2 pieces of AA(LR6) battery.

AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION AT STARTUP, 200 seconds required for warm up and self-calibration before starting, no manual calibration needed; Initial value is 0 ppm.

PLEASE BE NOTED sensor may be affected by external disturbances like all precision apparatuses, such as ethanol, alcohol, perfume, H2S, CO, SO2, and smoke, please keep this in mind when operating device.

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