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CO2000 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Data Logger & Monitor

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    Our Team has been working on a product that is an all-in-one monitor and thanks to our software we can show you real time data with just a click. The aim was to create a product that is able to show, monitor and record data, with a sensor that is capable of what a hygrometer, thermometer and CO2 detector can offer whilst being able to attend to other tasks. Whether it be and act as a parenting tool to monitor your babies surroundings, maintain a healthy greenhouse environment, for people with illnesses that are very sensitive to the surrounding air or if you just want to monitor your environment the CO2000 monitor is able to give you real time results in an instant. Like our other products our team have made it their goal to create an accurate and reliable product without resorting to non user friendly, complicated and expense equipment, specialist tools. Our team has also taken into the account the way the data is collected as now there is no need for worry for Mercury, no gas sensor replacements and now with our sensors they are self-calibrating, no moving parts and can be exposed to different environments without losing accuracy.
    The CO2000 Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Monitor/Data Logger lets you get on with your day at the same time consistently monitors the air in your home, office, greenhouse and wherever you may be using the product. The product provides a large display with multiple easy use functions making it very user friendly. The uses are endless so i'll let you decide what you need it most for.

    • Specification

      • Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Range : 0 ~ 9999 ppm
      • CO2 Sensor Operating Temperature/Humidity : 5 ~ 30℃, 0 ~ 85% RH non condensed
      • Accuracy : ± 70 ppm + 3% reading (0~ 2000)
      • Temperature, Range : - 10 ~ 70°C (14 ~ 158°F)
      • Humidity, Range : 0.1 ~ 99.9%
      • Display: CO2, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Warning Alert
      • Real-Time Logs
      • Data Logging: Date, Time for each log
      • Data Logging Memory: 12,700
      • Download Collected Data Through PC's USB Interface
      • Software Version for: Window 98/2000/XP/7/8/Vista/Win10
      • Analysis Software Used from the Recorded Data

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