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DT F5 Fire Fighting Thermal Imager

DT F5 Fire Fighting Thermal Imager

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  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Professional Tools

    The F5 is an advanced, feature-rich thermal imaging camera. With fully sealed connectors and a secured battery, the F5 is designed to be fully compliant for Thermal Imagers covering usability, image quality, and durability for firefighting.

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  • Features

    • 384x288 high pixel detector, clearness and high sensitivity
    • Wide angle lens, meet the requirement of fire scene search and rescue
    • 4.3"LCD, much clearer screen
    • Simple operation for firefighter, 3 enlarged size buttons and shortcut keys suitable for use on field of fire
    • 3 kinds of modes optional suitable for different situation applications
    • DSIE™ dual-band image enhancement, show more detail
    • Built in large capacity memory, support live pictures and videos recording
    • Wider range of temperature measurement, auto shift gears
    • Provide intelligent charging set, fast charging technology, can connect to PC
    • Compass, laser rangefinder and WiFi 
    • Full compliance with GA/T635-2006 standards
    • 2m Drop resistance, IP 67, reliably under high temp environment
    • Covering reflective fluorescent strips design for identification in dark environment

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Capture Every Detail at 10m

Featuring one button autofocus and the longer measurement distance, PC 230 can be used under more scenes with 256 x 192 IR Detector and 2 M pixels for visible light Utilizing the New SharpIR composite image enhancement technology, it can provide you with detailed infrared thermal imaging and dual light fusion images to help you find potential faults more quickly

Thermal Imaging to GO BEYOND THE UNKNOWN

Excellent Imaging Quality

PC210 Adopts the New SharpIR composite image enhancement technology
Based on advanced and deep learning technology, SharpIR performs various optimization processes such as defogging, sharpening, contrast enhancement, and lossless magnification on low-resolution images to enhance the clarity of infrared images.



PC Software ThermoTools

PC Analysis Software
Professional & All-round

ThermoTools can help you conduct professional comprehensive analysis and postsecondary processing of the original infrared thermal image taken by the thermal camera, and realize the unified management of the data. This set of software has a friendly interface, powerful functions, simple operation and easy operation


  • Multiple image/video import methods: SD card, FTP, USB, cloud file
  • Powerful image processing capabilities: image batch analysis, trend analysis, etc.
  • Support real-time video streaming/video playback, can track the max/min temperature
  • Material analysis and report generation: optional report templates, free editing, etc.


Optical Data Detector (Sensor)

Uncooled focal plane micro-heat type
Resolution Ratio
384 x 288
Pixel Size
Spectral Response
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)
Frame Frequency (Refresh Rate)

Optical Data Lens

Angle of View Field
49.2° x 36.3°
Focusing Range

Optical Data Display

4.3” TFT color LCD display, resolution 800*480
Color Mark Mode
Black hot, white hot, fire protection, iron red, firefighting, search & rescue
Image Adjustment

Image Performance

Spatial Resolution
Image Processing
The dual-band image fusion technology
Digital Zooming
2x, 4x

Image Storage

Built-in 32G memory
Video Shooting
Yes, the format of “AVI” is available
Image Storage
Yes, the format of “JPEG” is available


Temperature Measurement Range
From -20°C to +1200°C, automatic shift
Temperature Measurement Accuracy
±10°C or ±10% of the measured value, which is greater
Temperature Measurement Modes
The central point, the highest temperature point, the lowest temperature point
Temperature Measurement Correction
Automatic/Manual Zero Setting

Power Supply System (Electrical Data)

Battery Type
Rechargeable lithium battery
Working Time of Battery
More than 4 hours
Battery Charging Time
The battery can be fully charged within 3 hours
Power Supply Management
Automatic power-off/automatic sleep

Physical Properties (Mechanical Data)

Overall Dimension
Total Weight
≤1.3Kg (battery included)
Logo on Housing
Fluorescent reflective strip

Other Configuration

Laser Ranging
The built-in WiFi module can transmit wireless video
Data Interface
USB type C for image/video transmission

Environmental Parameters(Environmental Data)

Operating Temperature (Thermal Conditions)
-10°C to +50°C. The device can keep running for 30 minutes at 80 °C. The device can keep running for 10 minutes at +120°C or for 5 minutes at +260°C.
Storage Temperature
From -30°C to +60°C
Humidity & Temperature
The device can keep running for 2 hours at 40°C and 85% RH
Level of Protection
2.5g, IEC60068-2-6
25g, IEC60068-2-29

Safety Requirements (Compliance Data)

This device conforms to GA/T 635—2006 Thermal Infrared Imager for Fire Protection
This device is CE certified

All Palettes Can Display The Temperature

Thermal images taken by PC201





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