About Us


Everyday technology is advancing that aims to make crucial tasks, simple. But what about the simple tasks?


That's where we come in, Perfect Prime is an IOT (Internet Of Things), focusing on combining both smart control and intelligent sensing products with safety at its core.


We focus less on the apparent things but still equally important tasks.


Perfect Prime product allow you be able to do what you need in an environment you enjoy whether it be for work, leisure or just your hobbies.

Many people have found use of our products from measurement and quality control for both indoor and outdoor events to home decoration with smart touch lighting to one of our favorites paranormal activities/ghost hunting. Most of all, our products help you become more proactive and are able to act as safety equipment whether it be PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or task such as baby monitoring. The use of our product is only to what you limit yourself to.

We believe that you should be able have your product that you need, without putting a hole in your bank.


We focus on making your space, your own.




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