PerfectPrime IR0005 compact thermal camera

PErfectPrime IR0005 Thermal camera

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The IR0005 infrared camera is the latest in the thermal imaging line that brings together all the strong points of the IR0018 and compacting it into a new sleek and elegant design. It's now more user-friendly to take with you around the house or on the job. Put it in your pocket and go.

Crystal in webpage

Crystal Clear images

Best thermal images in out of all the thermal cameras on the market


Internal SD Card Memory

Large SD card memory to store thousands of thermal images

3.2 inch thermal camera scree

3.2" LCD Screen

Bigger than life LCD screen

Thermal imaging camera

Thermal camera Services include firefighting, home insulation, HVAC testing and many more

Product Features

Fit For A Range Of Applications

Visible and thermal view of home insulation
Visible and thermal view of HVAC
Visible and thermal view of Hot and cold leak detection

Example Thermal Images From IR0005

Thermal image of HVAC units
Thermal image of hot pipes
Thermal image of electronic equipment outside
infrared vision of equipment outside

HVAC Inspection

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning have become an integral part of our lives and exist to keep office and homes in comfortable living conditions. Keeping them well maintained will save you a lot of money in the event they break down. 

Using a thermal camera, HVAC inspectors can easily identify faulty or poorly maintained parts and show clear proof to owners in their reports..

Hot or Cold Pipes leaks

A water leak is a major problem when it occurs because of the immense difficulty locating the leak.

Traditional and inconvenient methods include breaching walls and ripping through floors which is not only costly but an inefficient method to locate the leak.

Using a thermal camera, you can identify the pipes or the leak when there is an abnormal temperature reading in the surface next to the pipes. Thus saving you time and money on repair and intrusive maintenance work.

Electrical and Mechanical Inspections

Electrical and mechanical inspections are essential to identify faulty parts and troubleshoot.

This thermal camera will enable inspectors to safely inspect high voltage and dangerous areas.

Use it to identify potential faulty parts before it breaks down. Schedule regular maintenance tests and deliver photo graphic reports of job done.

Infrared Vision

Problems are not time bound and can happen anytime of the day. However, its crucial that they are identified and fixed immediately or the costs will only go higher.

Infrared thermal camera operate from heat emission and therefore will see in the dark. This can be a huge benefit for personal needing to go a remote site at night with very little lighting.

PerfectPrime IR0005 Thermal Camera

This handheld thermal camera will reveal all thermal anomalies in any application. The price and quality leads all competitors behind.

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