2 in 1 temperature

& humidity data

Here are our CO2 Temperature Humidity and Smart Control Intelligent Home Appliances

Our team set out to create a portable two-in-one temperature and humidity data logger with real-time display without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. Not only did we manage to create a portable data logger, we created an extension sensor for difficult situations. The sensor replaces two separate tools a hygrometer and a thermometer. Many on the market portable data loggers record data but to access the information recorded you will need to have access to a computer to actually see the results. Perfect Prime’s TH0165 Temperature/Humidity data logger lets you see the results as soon as you record the data with a built in display screen. So if you are on the go or at home you are still able to monitor your surrounding air/environment. Our team also made it one of their prioritizes to not use any harmful chemicals or anything that may cause any inconvenience in replacing. The data logger is self-calibrating with no moving parts, can be exposed to different environments without losing accuracy and if you use the data logger on the go, a warning light will show in advance if power is running low to ensure the product is user-friendly.