Halloween Special promotion

This year Perfect Prime is doing a special promotion for Halloween and giving a limited discount on selected thermal camera models. 

Thermal cameras work by detecting a disturbance in the environment, namely thermal energy. 

When paranormal activities occur the temperature in the vicinity drops.

Using a temperature sensitive tool it is possible to detect this variation in temperature and capture an image it.

Below are three thermal cameras that are on offer right now to help you catch spiritual presence. 

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Ghost hunting paranormal thermal camera

IR0002 a must for ghost hunters

It is believed that abnormal cold spots indicate a spiritual presence in an otherwise uniformly ambient area. 

The IR0002 thermal camera boasts a impressive resolution of 3600 pixels ( 60 x 60) armed with this fine camera, ghost hunters or paranormal explorers are able to detect slight variation in the temperatures in buildings and on surfaces and allow you to capture the evidence.

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IR0001 Paranormal explorers best friend

Find the truth


Animals or faulty electrical wiring could be the true culprit behind abnormal experiences and will waste your time during an investigation.


The IR0001 thermal camera can help identify these problems and allow you to focus on exploring the unknown. Capture paranormal experiences and tell others your story  

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Thermal Camera for ghost hunting
Best budget thermal imager for ghost hunting

IR0175 Thermal Imager on a Budget

Want to explore a haunted house?


How about taking it to the next level?


Take this thermal imager with you on your next adventure to seek out the paranormal and let it guide you through the dark corridors and ancient hallways. Find the unexplained cold spots and locate ghostly figures.


Don’t wait, take the offer and get your budget thermal imager now.

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