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Thermal Imaging Camera use in Industrial Sites

In recent years, thermal imaging cameras have emerged as one of the most valuable tools to diagnose problems for industrial applications. It can detect abnormalities that we cannot see with our naked eyes, thus helping us identify issues that would otherwise be ignored and we will be able to take the necessary action to fix the problems before costly system errors happen. Many industries all over the world are currently using thermal imaging cameras for various applications.


Low voltage  

Thermography is often used in the electrical equipment industry for inspection.  Low voltage inspections include checking breaker panels and wall sockets. When electrical components have loose connections, it could cause a resistance to the current that leads to an increase in temperature. If this isn’t identified early, it could cause components to fail, which could result in outages and serious work-related injuries. Also, the efficiency of an electrical circuit tends to decrease before any failures which means that energy will be used to generate heat, leading to unnecessary losses.


High voltage  

Examples of high voltage inspections include switchyards and switch gears.

Power transformers are often checked using thermal imaging cameras, just like the low voltage examples mentioned earlier. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to compare the temperatures of the cooling fins and the high voltage connections. If the comparison shows that unusual differences do occur, corrective action can be taken before any real problems happen. Other high voltage installations that are checked with a thermal imaging camera include circuit breakers and switchers and high-voltage power lines. The potential problem areas and the extent of the problems will be clearly shown in the thermal image so that one can make an accurate decision on how to fix the problem.


Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems are very important in many industries’ operations. Thermography can collect data and other crucial information that is useful for mechanical equipment monitoring. Examples of the use of thermography in mechanical systems include detecting overheating motors, overheated connections of pumps or checking the sludge level or storage tanks.



Thermal imaging is also great at detecting faults in pipes and insulation. It can be used to check heat exchanges to detect pipes that are blocked. There would not be any need to check each pipe individually since a thermal imaging camera can give an overview of the entire installation.


A wide range of use for industrial applications

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