Perfectprim IR0280 thermal imaging camera


Thermal Imaging Camera with Video recording and Radiometric Metric Data

Video recording

Video recording

Video recording

Video recording

Crystal in webpage

Crystal Clear images

Best thermal images in out of all the thermal cameras on the market


Internal SD Card Memory

Large SD card memory to store thousands of thermal images

3.2 inch thermal camera scree

3.2" LCD Screen

Bigger than life LCD screen

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal camera Services include firefighting, home insulation, HVAC testing and many more

Taking into account all the necessary features for a great thermal cameras we created the PerfectPrime IR0280 thermal camera. Reveal heat loss in house insulation and create detailed reports from the radiometric data generated with each image. Alternatively take a video of how the heat changes in different location and show the result directly to your client. This product isn't just limited to home insulation, its application include, inefficient HVAC systems, electrical faults, and many more. Combining all the best functions into one and keep the cost low, this product is the all in one solution for inspectors and those who want an affordable tool.

Product Features

Technical Specification
32 x 32 Thermal Resolution
33° Field of View
< 9 Hz Frame Rate
Fixed Focal Distance
-22°F to 1832°F Detection
Photos & Video Recording
Spot Temperature
9 Color Palettes

Fit for a Range of Applications

Visible and thermal view of home insulation
Visible and thermal view of HVAC
Visible and thermal view of Hot and cold leak detection

Example Thermal Images of IR0280

Thermal Image of Pipe
Thermal Image
Thermal Image of person

Professional and Home Use

This thermal camera can be used for professional work and home use to identify cold or hot leaks, insulation problems and diagnose problems in AC or HVAC units. There is no limit to application for this thermal camera.

Check Sensitive Electronics

Electrical panels and circuitry can overheat and lead to devastating problems. They can be hard to check with the naked eye so a thermal camera with high thermal resolution is the ideal solution to identify the problem.

Identify Abnormal Thermal Signatures

The PerfectPrime IR0280 thermal camera is designed with a video recording function so that you can identify and analyze the changes in surface temperatures on the detected objects.

PerfectPrime IR0280 Thermal Camera

This handheld thermal camera will reveal all thermal anomalies in any application. The price and quality leaves all competitors behind.

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