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PerfectPrime Thermal camera IR0280H on a stand
Man having temperature checking on perfectprime thermal camera IR0280H

Are You a Business Owner With Staff and Customers?

You may require a simple and effective screening solution that can accurately identify staff or customers. Our IR0280H thermal camera provides you with the all in one solution for an effective fever screening solution.

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Medical Level Accuracy

Thermal accuracy of 0.3°C (0.6°F) the best accuracy you can get in handheld thermal camera. This level of thermal accuracy can only be matched by static systems often deployed at airports and checkpoints.

Guarantee the safety of your company and staff with this thermal camera.


All In One Solution

With Just this one handheld thermal camera, businesses can effectively scan human temperatures as they pass and alert the user if anyone has a fever.

No software or specialized training required.

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Instant and Simple Deployment

Where is the best location to set up, do you have enough room, what tools are needed?

Fever detection has never been more simple. Place it on top of a stand and angle it to capture staff coming through corridors or entrances. No tools required, fits in any location.

Fever Detection System

Automated AI - Detect the hottest point on the screen which will naturally be the exposed forehead. 

Mass Thermal Screening - Scan the temperatures of several people at once instead of checking them one by one

Fever Detection - Anyone with high temperature will instantly sound an alert for staff to take further screening protocols. 

Wide Usage - screen large numbers of people entering hospitals, transport hubs, factories, offices, and other key locations.

 Tried and Tested in the Following Key Locations


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Advantages Over Traditional Laser Non-contact Thermometerter

  • Speed - Process tens of people at the same time it takes for one person user the laser thermometer
  • Safety - Stand up to 2.5 m away from  individuals to perform scans
  • Cost Efficiency - This thermal camera can operate without staff to be present 

Advantages Over Systems With Monitors

  • Speed - Ultimately, monitor screens require individuals to align and be scanned one at a time. This thermal camera can monitor people as they pass without stopping.topping
  • Cost - Without the additional screen, integrations and cloud data, the IR0280H operates by itself and requires minimum investment. 
  • Easy to Setup and use - Simply turn on the device, setup temperature and you're ready to go.