Thermal camera on stand checking temperature of male

Accurate Human Temperature Detection System

PerfectPrime Thermal camera IR0280H on a stand
Man having temperature checking on perfectprime thermal camera IR0280H

Do You Need A System To Check Temperature?

Business across the globe are slowing opening up again due to the easing of restrictions and decrease in new virus related cases. However, medical experts are urging extreme caution due to the event of second wave of virus, or even random super spreaders. To combat his and to help prevent further infections, businesses are adopting screening test for anyone who comes into a business premises as a fever is a common telltale sign that someone is suffering from critical illness. Once identified as having elevated body temperature, the individual can be take aside for further testing procedures or sent back home. PerfectPrime have developed a Human Body Thermal Camera that has everything a business needs to for fever detection.

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Medical Level Accuracy

Thermal accuracy of 3°C (0.6°F) the best accuracy you can get in handheld thermal camera. This level of thermal accuracy can only be matched by static systems often deployed at airports and checkpoints.

Guarantee the safety of your company and staff with this thermal camera.


All In One Solution

With Just this one handheld thermal camera, businesses can effectively scan human temperatures as the pass and alert the user if anyone has a fever.

No software or specialised training required.

Gears and wrench

Instant and Simple Deployment

Where is the best location to set up, do you have enough room, what tools are needed?

Fever detection has never been more simple. Place it on top of a stand and angle it to capture staff coming through corridors or entrances. No tools required, fits in any location.

Why Choose A Thermal Camera For Temperature Screening?

Automated AI - Detect the hottest point on the screen which will naturally be the exposed forehead. 

Mass Thermal Screening - Scan the temperatures of several people at once instead of checking them one by one

Fever Detection - Anyone with high temperature will instantly sound an alert for staff to take further screening protocols. 


  • Real time mass detection
  • Sound alarm to alert users of high temperature
  • Store Images and Videos in 16 GB storage
  • Capable of mounting onto stands/tripod for surveillance 


  • Zero down time for stop and checks 
  • Give employees and customer confidence 
  • Improve and expand on Health and Safety procedures
  • Help your community to fight the virus together