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PerfectPrime Thermal camera IR0280H on a stand
Man having temperature checking on perfectprime thermal camera IR0280H

PerfectPrime Thermal Screening Solution

PerfectPrime IR0280H handheld thermal camera has one of the best thermal accuracy on the market at 0.3°C (0.6°F). It can be deployed in wide range of locations and is engineered for Elevated Skin Temperatures.

Screen incoming and outgoing individuals in a few seconds at a safe distance and with minimum setup.

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Medical Level Accuracy

Thermal accuracy of 0.3°C (0.6°F) the best accuracy you can get in handheld thermal camera. This level of thermal accuracy can only be matched by static systems often deployed at airports and checkpoints.

Guarantee the safety of your company and staff with this thermal camera.


All In One Solution

With Just this one handheld thermal camera, businesses can effectively scan human temperatures as they pass and alert the user if anyone has a fever.

No software or specialized training required.

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Instant and Simple Deployment

Where is the best location to set up, do you have enough room, what tools are needed?

Fever detection has never been more simple. Place it on top of a stand and angle it to capture staff coming through corridors or entrances. No tools required, fits in any location.

Advanced Fever Screening System

Automated AI - Detect the hottest point on the screen which will naturally be the exposed forehead. 

Mass Thermal Screening - Scan the temperatures of several people at once instead of checking them one by one

Fever Detection - Anyone with high temperature will instantly sound an alert for staff to take further screening protocols. 

Wide Usage - screen large numbers of people entering hospitals, transport hubs, factories, offices, and other key locations.

 Key Industries Using Thermal Cameras


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Thermal camera are able to quickly and safely scan visitors, patients and staff and take further actions to isolate and test the individuals reporting high temperature


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Schools can greatly benefit from using a thermal camera at the entrances to mass scan students as they enter. The alternative traditional forehead thermometers would results in mass queues.


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Many customers are rightfully insecure whether they can shop safely. By using the IR0280H fever camera, we want to reduce this insecurity to a certain extent and make a significant contribution to health protection of our community.


Hotel Icon

Hotels booking have plummeted since the start of the pandemic. Owners now need to reassure customers with robust hygiene procedures and smart AI scanning of all guests to ensure full protection to staff and customers.


Office Building Icon

More and more companies in our building are slowly coming back to the office over the past few weeks and the thermal camera being used at the entrance gives everyone a sense of security without any disruption.

Train Station

Railway Station Icon

Thousands of people take the train to commute to and from work, making it a hotspots for covid-19 to spread in the tightly packed carriages. Deploying a thermal camera at stations entrances will greatly reduce the chance of a feverish individual getting on board.

Disadvantages of Non-contact Laser Thermometers

Advantages of Thermal Imaging Systems

Close Contact With Individuals

Staff will have to stand in front of people and use the laser thermometer within 2-3 cm from the forehead, Leading to potential high risk of infection.

2.5 Meter Social Distance

Stay at a safe distance away from physically contacting individuals.

Expensive and Inefficient

Several staff members may be deployed to scan many individuals at peak hours. Scanning is done 1-1 and inefficient.

Fast Scanning and Efficient

Allow visitors to walk uninterrupted into the premises and have each one automatically scanned as they pass. One unit can process several people per second.

No Smart Data Logging

Lacking other means to record data, registration and further screening must be done manual and may lead to human errors.

Automatically Capture Photos and Audible Alarm

Smart AI will capture the photo of individual who has elevated skin temperature so staff don't need to track and trace.

Advantages of Buying PerfectPrime

  • 60 Day Guarantee on products
  • Full Technical Support From Experts
  • Guidance on Best Practises and Locations to Deploy
  • Great Rates for Volume Purchase