HP0210 Electric Heated Scarf

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Product Information

We have all experienced the cold during winter and it happens every winter. We pile on extra layers of clothing and add the necessary accessories with it including, gloves, scarfs, and hats, but it just doesn't feel enough especially if you have to walk in the cold to your next destination.

Our heated scarf is the answer to this problem.

Using high-quality material to ensure maximum efficiency in transferring heat and still feeling comfortable, our lightweight and fashionable heated scarf will deliver heat to you when you need it most.

Whether you are going for a hike, going for a walk through town or heading to work this scarf will give you the extra protection and comfort against the elements. Paired up with a 3000 mAh power bank and you can experience 5 hours of warmth, enough to sustain you through most activities. 

We have designed it with convenience in mind and added an additional pocket in the scarf to house your power bank when you charge the scarf. The heating unit can easily be removed so that the scarf can be washed separately.


  • Heats up to 50 °C or 122 °F
  • Instant warmth -  Feel the heat fast. No need to wait before you can head out into the cold. 
  • Deluxe material - Only quality material is used in this scarf, delivering exceptional comfort and warmth. Surface - Polyester Fleece 70% Rayon 30%, Lining- Cotton 100%
  • Unisex - Fashionable for both men and women this heated scarf will compliment your clothing style and will be an excellent addition to winter collection.
  • Optimal for different activities - Indoor: office, movies. Outdoor: camping, hiking, skiing etc
  • Can be used for thermal therapy or to relieve hypothermia
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Great memory

When I was a child, I used to go on summer holidays with my family back to the Netherlands, the country where I was born. We would rent a bungalow for the whole family (we are 4 brothers) in the middle of the forest, and enjoy our stay surrounded by nature for few weeks. At night time, my dad would always light up the fire and all of us would sit around it and play board games. Everytime I see a fireplace now, my mind immediately goes back to those days. The best memories!
Today, we are staying in a lovely lodge over River Barron here in Tropical North Queensland, and it gets quite chilly at night time!

Luckily, perfectprime got our back and sent us their smart Electric Heated Scarf. It heats up in seconds and it's so cozy!

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two people sitting by fire with candles shaped as a heart around them

young women in white tracksuit with perfectprime electric scarf

Give it a go

After trying The Perfect Prime heated scarf for a few days I have to say that it’s worth the try as it does exactly what it says!!

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Hold on. You’re probably thinking: why is she wearing a SCARF in the summer!? Well, if you’re a Hongkonger, you’ll know that shopping malls are absolutely freeezing, especially in the summer! Maybe it's because we insist on wearing our summer clothes and enjoying our summer smoothies.  That’s why I chose to wear a perfectprime Electric Heated Scarf. It’s the perfect complement to my outfit and it gets rid of the cold! Plus it heats up super quickly!

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young women in a restaurant with dessert in front of her wearing perfectprime electric scarf

4 amazing features of the heated scarf