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GD PT850 HD High-Performance Thermal Camera

GD PT850 HD High-Performance Thermal Camera

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  • The World’s First Portable Thermal Camera with MP-level Infrared Resolution

    Specially designed for professional users in the infrared thermometry industry, this product is equipped with infrared detectors with high sensitivity and higher resolution for clearer infrared images and a higher temperature measurement accuracy. Supplemented by the Android operating system, a large-screen display and a rotatable lens structure, it is easy to use and powerful. It can also collect visible and infrared images simultaneously and display key observation points by PIP or MIF. In addition, based on open APPs for Android, this product can be extended to a multipurpose mobile thermal imaging application platform.

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  • Features

    • Up to 1024x768 IR resolution
    • An optional temperature range to 2500°C
    • Infrared video at 20 Hz
    • ContFocus intelligent and continuous autofocus model
    • Observation of 36μm objects through a macro lens
    • PerIRVision image stitching technology
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Capture Every Detail at 10m

Featuring one button autofocus and the longer measurement distance, PC 230 can be used under more scenes with 256 x 192 IR Detector and 2 M pixels for visible light Utilizing the New SharpIR composite image enhancement technology, it can provide you with detailed infrared thermal imaging and dual light fusion images to help you find potential faults more quickly

Thermal Imaging to GO BEYOND THE UNKNOWN

Excellent Imaging Quality

PC210 Adopts the New SharpIR composite image enhancement technology
Based on advanced and deep learning technology, SharpIR performs various optimization processes such as defogging, sharpening, contrast enhancement, and lossless magnification on low-resolution images to enhance the clarity of infrared images.



PC Software ThermoTools

PC Analysis Software
Professional & All-round

ThermoTools can help you conduct professional comprehensive analysis and postsecondary processing of the original infrared thermal image taken by the thermal camera, and realize the unified management of the data. This set of software has a friendly interface, powerful functions, simple operation and easy operation


  • Multiple image/video import methods: SD card, FTP, USB, cloud file
  • Powerful image processing capabilities: image batch analysis, trend analysis, etc.
  • Support real-time video streaming/video playback, can track the max/min temperature
  • Material analysis and report generation: optional report templates, free editing, etc.


Imaging and Optical

IR Resolution
VOx, 7.5 to 14μm
VOx, 7.5 to 14μm
Field of View (FOV)
Frame rate
Automatic/Manual (focus ring)Automatic/Manual (focus ring)


PT850/  PT870
Temperature Range
-40°C to 150°C, 0°C to 800°C, support auto-switching,400°C to 2500°C (a high-temperature lens is required)
±1°C or ±1%, whichever is greater

Image display

ModelPT850/ PT870
5.5-inch LCD high-brightness multipoint LCD touchscreen
1920×1080 pixel OLED display


PT850/ PT870
Storage Media
64 GB of local storage, removable SD card (up to 256 GB)
WIFI and 5G, live images and video from the device can be viewed on a mobile device
Battery Operating Time
≥4 hours
≤1.8 KG (with a standard lens and battery)

All Palettes Can Display The Temperature

Thermal images taken by PC201





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