HB3860 Remote Control Dimmable LED Lamp


  • HB3860 Remote Control Dimmable High Bay LED Lamp

    Simple installation with a single heavy duty hanger, best for cafe, restaurants, warehouse & office. CE, BS, EMC/EMI ready with Lampshade 380mm diameter high efficiency, low heat loss and Warm & Cool Daylight Dual-Color with Remote control Design in Hong Kong Standard HB Lamp and 3000K, 6500K Dual Color Adjustable Appear in metallic silver lightweight aluminum, ranged from 1.9kg instant switchable to be a 3W night lamp. Lifetime of Lamp 50,000 Hours and 60W HighBay Lamp Dual-Color Specification.
    1. Lumen maintenance factor: 0.7 Average life (5.0 hrs/day): 5 years
    2. Incandescent Wattage Equivalent 330 Wattage LED Wattage: 60W
    3. Number of switch cycle: 30,000 At both colors
    4. Beaming angle (shade bound) : 120 degree
    5. Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 80
    6. Input Voltage: 110V to 240V AC
    7. Total height ~ 240mm
    8. Night Lamp: 3W
    1. Lightened Light Output 100% power 4,800 (Lumen)
    2. Light Output 75% power 3,600 (Lumen)
    3. Light Output 50% power 2,400 (Lumen)
    4. Light Output 25% power 1,200 (Lumen)
    5. 1 meter direct below Lamp (lx, or lumens/Sqm) Light Output 100% power 2,090 (Lumen)
    6. Light Output 75% power 1,560 (Lumen)
    7. Light Output 50% power 1,040 (Lumen)
    8. Light Output 25% power 520 (Lumen) Continuous, seamless adjustable
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