Seek Thermal Reveal - RW-AAA


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  • All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

    Reveal is powered with state-of-the-art thermal technology that’s tough enough for your toolbox. The all-in-one Seek Reveal handheld thermal imager combines a 206x156 sensor for powerful insight, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours, and a large color display.

    Specification Description
    Thermal Sensor  206 x 156 
    Detection Distance  500 Feet (165 Yards, 150 Meters) 
    Field of View  36 Degree FOV 
    Temperature Range  -40°F to 626°F (-40°C to 330°C) 
    Frame Rate  < 9 Hz 
    Flashlight  300 Lumen LED 
    Focus  Fixed Focus 
    Lens Material  Chalcogenide 
    Microbolometer  Vanadium Oxide
    Pixel Pitch  12 Microns 
    Spectral Range  7.5 – 14 Microns 
    User Interface  Self-Contained Device with 3 Button Navigation 
    Temp. Display Scale  Fahrenheit or Celsius 
    Color Palettes  7 Options 
    Storage Media  MicroSD Card Included 
    Battery Up to 10 Hours Continuous Thermal Imaging
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