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Warmest Electric Heated scarf


A scarf is an essential accessory on a cold winter day to ward off the cold and to complement your fashion. It’s such a common item that we rarely ever think when the modern scarf was first used or invented.

Although is it hard to accurately pinpoint and verify all the different claims, some of the following claims are when scarf was first documented to be used; beginning in the 9th century, a scarf was worn by the king of Assyrian as shown by a statue of him wearing one. Then in ancient Egypt, it was reported to have been used by Queen Nefertiti no less. This was dated at approximately 1350 BC and the material used was wool. Now, interestingly enough, in ancient China and under the rule of Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth would also mark the military status of the user, predominantly those in the higher up would be able to experience this luxury, whereas the lower ranking soldiers wore cotton scarfs.

Although scarves have existed for millenniums, they did not become a popular fashion wear until the 19th century as prior to this period it was always seen as a cloth for wiping sweat or keeping things clean. Fortunately, fashion designers at the time saw an opportunity to make something iconic out of it when new materials and designs came flowing out of India.

Since then, the designs and scarves have vastly changed especially with technological advances, which enables printed designs. This likely paved the way for scarves to be worn in sports events in association with their football club, with the club crests, photos of players and various slogans in relation to the clubs history are incorporated to the design.


Electric scarf

Scarves are great for keeping warm and you will often find the more tightly knitted material of wool to be warmer in comparison to cotton.

 However, personally, I’m not always convinced that wearing just the scarf is enough to keep me warm. There are times when I’m feeling extremely cold (like before I’ve given my body the much-needed energy from lunch) that I find that no matter how much clothing I put on it still feels icy cold because my body doesn’t have the energy to produce warmth in the first place. 

That’s why I’m practically giddy with excitement when I first heard about electric or heated scarfs. Built with fleece 70% rayon 30% materials and the Lining is cotton 100%. A small pocket to place your power bank and a tie to slip the scarf through after wrapping it around your neck, this scarf is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Just by using a 3000 mAh power bank, you can experience up to 5 hours of warmth up to a maximum of 45C.

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