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Smartphone + Smart Plug = Smart Lifestyle

if you want to up your smart lifestyle, introducing a smart plug to your smartphone could be one major way to make it happen. No kidding. At the onset, it may sound like putting two and two together sounds like an inconsequential minute change to your daily routine. Truth be told, this is one key decision that not only will ditch untold hassle from your everyday life, but it will also double the life of your smartphone.


And this is no more apparent than in fast charging our phones back to life. Let’s face it. With the speed technology is changing right now, a quick look at all the best features that have crept into smartphone tech today is bound to cause your head to spin faster than you can say your name backward. From last year’s craze wireless charging to the ever-useful fingerprint technology. Then again,  none may have caused so much uproar than super-fast charging these days. Here, we’ll show you how to get your lifestyle comforts up a notch higher. By using a smart plug to rig yourself of bad charging habits. And putting your super quick charging in its proper order. Read on.


Why Charging is Fast Becoming the Death of Your Phone’s Battery?


You may not realize it yet but charging your phone back to life could potentially be cutting your device’s lifeline in half.


Indeed, if there’s one routine that we always do every day, charging our phones can very well vie for the top of that list. Of course, nobody is complaining. Frankly, it’s a testament to how the smart device has become essential to our existence. Asking any true blue millennial should prove that theory right.


More often than not, however, we’re doing it all wrong when it comes to charging our phones. Far from extending its life, we bully our batteries to extinction in our quest to get much-needed juice, according to Cadex, a foremost authority on smartphone batteries and their lifelines.


Truly, it doesn’t matter if you’re phone is capable of super-fast Warp Charging or not, if you’ve acquired some of these bad practices, which is highly-likely, you’re putting your batteries one step closer to oblivion. Here are some of the more common bad habits you need to put away as stipulated in the Cadex Battery University website.


  1. Charging your phone to 100% each time.


Charging your battery to its fullest strength may sound wise to save time, right? But such an act is actually damaging to lithium-ion batteries - those that power most, if not all, smartphones today.


As it turns out, you need to keep the battery at specific charged levels to put them in their best performance. And putting them at 100% is not.


The reason is that according to Battery University, “high voltage stresses the battery” wearing it out needlessly in the process. In short, killing it. Eventually.


  1. Charging your phone overnight.


A lot of people may be up in arms hearing this. But the logic is simple: if charging to 100% is a no-no then it follows that charging overnight while you’re fast asleep is detrimental to your phone’s health. And yes, you should probably cut that habit out.


  1. Fully discharging your phone before plugging it in.


When you do a deep discharge, that is working your phone out until it’s but a few percent devoid of battery life, you are actually wearing down your battery life, Battery University affirms, a notion confirmed by the biggest smartphone seller itself, Samsung.


Finally, the best way to get the juice back to your phone is to charge it a little each time. Call it partial charging but experts proclaim it’s the best way to charge your device.


And if you’re wary on what’s the best percentage you should target in charging your phone, Cadex says it’s at 65% to 75% battery levels that your device works best. If that’s too hard an act to follow, keeping your battery charged at 45% to 75% could be a more realistic goal.


It seems a quick charge is a right idea after all. Then again, without pulling the right stops it could easily be overkill too.


To date, an army of a new set of players should come into mind this year. OnePlus 7T’s with its Warp Charge 30T is one stellar contender charging within an hour plus. And even more awesome: XiaoMi Mi 9 with its under an hour (58 minutes) charging. Unfortunately, the Chinese-made device is still not officially available in the U.S.


Iphone’s latest iteration, iPhone 11 is also making its mark in the charging department - charging from 0% to 50% within 30 minutes or so and fully charging at an hour and a half.


Smart Plugs: Smartest Way to Charging - and Fast!


If you’re new to smart plugs, think of them as plugs with a brain. Thanks to internet technology, you can now control your charging habits. Even when you’re miles away from home or office is, where the actual charging process is taking place.


And smart plug gives you what you need most in charging your phones: control. Exactly. As it allows you to set a plug to turn on or off at your chosen time, you get a lot of elbow room in the process.


In this sense, smart plugs have become one of the most impactful devices in turning your home into a truly smart one. Making your everyday living a breeze. Not to mention save you time and money.


Come to think of it, you negate all the bad habits we mentioned above. In one fell swoop. By allowing you to decide when a plug starts charging your phone and when to wrap it all up you:


  • Can control how much juice percentage gets into your smartphone, preventing 100% charges from eroding your battery life


  • Won’t have to charge your phone overnight as you can preprogram things to stop the charging anytime even while you’re sleeping


  • Most importantly, you can make fast charging happen without overcharging


Of course, there are a lot more a smart plug can do - especially if you connect it to a smart home hub which is basically an app that can run a boatload of appliances in your abode for you.


Quick Charging Your Smartphone an Hour Before Waking Up


Forget about running days with a dying phone - one with little to no juice. It’s true. As you know very well by now, morning can quickly turn into one chaotic nightmare if you’re not too careful. Top of that list: going to work sans a working phone.


A smart plug can be the difference-maker. It may need some tinkering but once you get it all right, you’re off to a great morning each time. Why? When you learn how to charge your phone using a smart plug an hour before you wake, then you’ve saved tons of time and effort getting yourself off to a great start.


That’s quick charging your fave phone without lifting a finger. Remember, you’re sleeping while all the action is happening. Of course, that can work on your coffee maker too. Or for that matter, kettles. Telling you a smart plug is one key to smart living you may not want to miss out.


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