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The Ultimate Thermal Camera Buy Guide

All over the internet, you will see the top 10 thermal cameras with a particular brand dominating the list. Without a doubt, there are some very very good options out in the market with many years of history backing them up, however, on the other side of the coin, the majority of the guides will repeat each other vying to get the number one spot on Google so that they get the lion's share of clicks. 

Therefore this thermal camera guide aims to provide to you, someone with knowledge and experience with thermal imagers, all the information required to choose one of the PerfectPrime thermal cameras, ranging from application and other factors that are also covered in the Thermal Camera Guidebook. The main difference between that guidebook and this guide is that the former covers all thermal camera considerations, this one explains which thermal camera to use for which application limited to only thermal cameras available on PerfectPrime. 

The guide starts off with a selection of PerfectPrime thermal cameras and once you select one of them, it will start with a description, list the feature of that imager, show some sample images and finally list the applications that its best suited for.

If you have an application in mind or would like to know more about thermal cameras then please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form. Our dedicated support team will help you understand more about our products which is the best use for your application and much more. 

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