PerfectPrime thermal camera IR281 next to a laptop

PerfectPrime Releases a Game Changing Thermal Camera for the Home Inspection Market

PerfectPrime has just released a game changing powerful thermal camera aimed at the home inspection market. The new thermal camera is built on an android operating system allowing it to have more flexibility than leading market rivals. 

“We are pleased to announce the launch of a very much needed product in the home inspection market. Combining high thermal resolution to deliver accurate imagery the IR281 thermal camera features wifi connectivity which can automatically update when a new firmware update is available and download new apps as they are released. “

By adding the ability to self update and download new apps as they are released, engineers and inspectors no longer have to budget for newer thermal cameras after a period of time. Effectively this product will continue to retain its value through this update function. 

Besides the wifi capabilities it also includes touchscreen functionality and video recording capabilities. 

“The touchscreen and video capabilities were added for dual reason; firstly they enable the users to have more control over their analysis, by being able to check specific temperature points from a thermal image by touching on the area and secondly, video recording can dramatically improve reports for customers and allow for offsite further analyses.” 

Thermal camera’s values are determined mainly by their thermal resolution where the higher the value the more clear the image is. This can be essential for some line of work which requires precise level of detail such as looking at microchips and small wiring. For more common applications such as home and building inspections or HVAC maintenance the level of thermal resolution doesn't need to be so high.

For more information on this product please click on this link to go to the product page


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