GA0030, Portable Formaldehyde Detector (HCHO) / TVOC

Standard value of formaldehyde concentration: 0.1 mg / m3.(Refer to GB/T 18883-2002)

Formaldehyde detector has high power consumption due to guarantee the detection accuracy and sensitivity, the program needs to process a lot of complicated operations, which costs much usage of electricity. Turn off the power when detection ends to avoid waste of electricity


i) 1~3 locations should be detected when the area is less than 50 m2; 3~5 locations should be detected when the area is between 50 m2~100 m2; at least 5 locations should be detected when the area is larger than 100 m2. All the detection locations should be distributed on the diagonal or in quincunx form.

ii) detection locations should be kept away from an air vent, and at least 0.5 m far away from walls.

iii) height of detection locations are comparable to the height of a human, relatively between 0.5~1.5 m


1. The sensor of the detector may be affected by external disturbance just like all the other high precision apparatuses, so contact with ethanol, perfume or gas like H2S, CO, SO2 and smoke should be avoided.

2. When the detector is working, avoid straight wind flow from electric fans, warm air blower, air conditioner or air cleaner.

3. The average concentration of the targeted gas in a room can be obtained by detecting at several locations of the room and then averaging the data.

4. Don’t contaminate or block the detection window, otherwise, the sensitivity of the sensor may deviate.

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