Ghost Hunting with thermal camera

Paranormal activity is described as the phenomenon in which events occur which are beyond normal and scientific explanations. These could include ghostly apparition, possession, moving objects and many more. There is belief that the soul is what causes these ghostly manifestations but their reason for lingering around is largely unknown.

What is Ghost hunting equipment?

Ghost hunting itself is the process in where places of reported haunting is investigated. In order to capture and record their findings as evidence, ghost hunters or paranormal investigators will need to use special equipment beyond a normal camera.

Ghost hunting equipment can include devices to measure changes in temperature, air pressure, electromagnetic fields and many more. 

PerfetPrime has a range of thermal camera, air pressure meters, CO2 and humidity data loggers.

can thermal camera capture ghosts?

Thermal cameras are designed to detect the slightest variation in temperature. Many references and articles have pointed to the idea that ghostly spirit tend to take a humanoid form and will give off a chilly cold feeling. Therefore in theory should there be a change in temperature then the thermal camera can detect it.  

How to hunt for ghosts

Firstly you need will need to be prepared. Make sure you 

thermal camera

Thermal Camera

Choose the right thermal camera for your ghost hunting adventure.

Depending on your budget, you can choose what thermal resolution you need with your camera. Which will affect the quality of the captured image.

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Air Quality Logger

tay Ghost hunting can lead you into very old places where the air content could be very dangerous due to various factors. 

Being prepared is the best way to stay safe when going into long dormant areas. 

PerfectPrime CO2000 can measure the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels and alerts you when this raises to unsafe levels. 

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Air quality logger
air pressure meter

Air Pressure Meter

Getting as much evidence as possible will lead to a successful hunt for ghosts.

There is one theory that weather and atmospheric conditions can  increase chances of paranormal activity. 

This change can be subtle, but with the air pressure meter you can detect the slightest change in barometric pressure, which can indicate an increase in paranormal activity.

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