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How to use Thermal Camera for Termite Extermination

A Thermal Camera Solution

Termite tunnels

A Thermal Camera is a very important tool for a termite exterminator as it can expose water leaks or high moisture area which are prime nesting places for termites. Most termite inspectors will utilize this tool when a homeowner suspects a house is infested with termites. Not only does the thermal camera show evidence of an infestation, but it can also enable the homeowner to have some peace of mind that the rest of the house is free from termites and that the exterminator has done their job properly.


Termite problem


Termites are insects that feast on wood, known to cause extensive damages to houses once they infest it. Identifying the problem before its too late is difficult as they stick to insides on wood and is difficult to see with the naked eye. Traditional methods include knocking on the wood to hear a hollow sound that is left in the wake of the termites' destruction. More effective methods now include the use of thermal cameras which are not damaging to the property.


Signs of Termite Infestation

  • The presence of mud-like material that lines the house in an irregular pattern.
  • Termites may excavate the wood so that only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface of the cavity and the outside. Then this layer is broken; they will cover the holes with mud like material, used to make the tubes. This is a mixture of soil, feces, and saliva.
  • Mud tunnels leading the wooden structures.

How to Locate the Termite


Traditionally, exterminators would tap on wooden parts of the housing structure to listen for a hollow sound. They would use a tool which closely resembles a golf club to achieve this. Once they confirmed a hollow sound they will proceed to “open” up that part of the structure to inspect it.


Expensive and Time-Consuming


As you can imagine, this method is not completely effective to locate the source and is prone to human error. The worst part is discovering you don’t have an infestation of termite and end up with an expensive hole to fix.


Thermal Camera


This is where the thermal camera comes in. A thermal camera is a tool that is used to detect heat signature and sources. Naturally, termites will not show up on a thermal camera, unless enough of them are present to disturb the heat signature of their surroundings, in which case a thermal camera isn’t even needed.


How to locate termites using a thermal camera?


To actually locate if there are termites in your structure, an inspector will look at the wooden beams and parts of the house and check their heat signature. Naturally, the heat in these areas are uniform, should there be an area where its abnormally cold and non-uniform, then there is a strong indication that there is an external influence of that part and if you have seen the odd insect around this would likely indicate a termite infestation.


Traditional method vs Thermal Camera


Both methods are indirect ways to locate termites and both will methods will have an inspector tearing a hole to physically inspect for termites. However, because of the non-invasive method of thermal cameras and the higher degree of accuracy, they are the more popular and modern choice for inspectors and homeowners.