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Bring Nature Into Your Home

aspara™ Nature smart hydroponic grower has a unique LED light design and smart sensors that enables it to deliver the optimum amount of light intensity and spectrum for maximum plant growth.


This is the ideal product to enhance ones home and add a lavish flare to it. The curved and smooth design of the hydroponic smart grower doesn’t just integrate to its environment, it brings it to life with a smart refreshing look, be it in the kitchen, living room or greenhouse.


Change your lifestyle to a healthier and greener one by conveniently growing fresh organic produce at home all year round and in half the time compared to traditional methods.

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Iconic Anywhere



$ white hydroponic grower showing 30 day time lapse of lettuce growth

Fully Grown In Just 30 Days

Traditional methods of growing plants can take anywhere between 45-90 days in the best conditions. 

Smart hydroponic grower aspara Nature accelerates this growth naturally with controlled LED light intensity, paired with an automated water system with complete nutrients.

3 Simple Steps

Smart hydroponic grower aspara makes growing healthy organic vegetables in your home easy as pie. 

Just follow the 3 simple steps to get started on your journey to a greener lifestyle.

Select our pre-programmed LED sets for optimum growth for each variety of produce.

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Fully Innovated Technology

- 86 controllable intelligent LED lights.

Tailored 30 different red/blue light ratio for 15 different plants

- 10 sensors

360 degree monitor of your plant health

- App controlled

Get instant updates when away from home

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