Hydroponic Smart Grower Aspara

Hydroponic Smart Grower Aspara


With this smart hydroponic grower accentuating your personal space, get ready to harvest the most nutritious of greens - even when you know nothing about farming. Yes, Aspara Smart Hydroponic Grower has you covered. Bourne out of years of avant-garde scientific research, this award-winning product is specifically designed so you can put only the best fruits and veggies on the table. Grown in a fully-automated app-monitored system from choice (GMO-free) seeds. 100% germination guaranteed. Away from the constraints of nature.


Now, you can put a premium on your family’s health. Minus the hassle. Free from the burdens of traditional farming, largely limited by the unpredictable swings of the weather and the apparent lack of nutrients in the soil. With patent-pending adjustable LED lights and smart sensors, aspara nature is the epitome of the Internet of Agriculture (IoA) developed to the nines. Armed to the teeth to deliver only the honest-to-goodness organic harvest you want. In record time. Not to mention up the aesthetics of your innermost sanctum. Like never before.

A Walk in the Park Farming


How would you like to grow the best greens right at home without sweating it? That’s the promise of Aspara Smart Grower fulfilled.


First stop. Take the guesswork out of farming. With a mobile app that shows you real-time growth conditions (e.g., air temperature, humidity, water temperature), aspara smart garden keeps you posted on the essentials always. Giving you instant control when it matters most. Even when you’re far from home.


Making all this possible are 10 smart sensors strategically positioned inside the smart veggie grower. Giving you a blow-by-blow 360° monitor of your plant’s health and activities.


Even better, the app connects you to a community platform so you get the latest news and updates from other smart growers around the world.


Secondly, Aspara Smart Hydroponic Grower does the growing for you. It is a first-of-its-kind complete fully-automated system capable of creating the best conditions for plant growth. Facilitating optimal plant growth. From seed to harvest.


So you won’t need to periodically transfer your plant to catch bursts of sunshine for instance. Or be there all the time to provide nutrients.


Credit that to patent-pending intelligent grow lights, 86 LEDs that you can tailor to cater to the needs of 15 different plants. Plus, you have a reservoir water system that automatically waters your plant based on its growth needs. All fully customizable via the smartphone app.


Thus, don’t fret. Even when you’re swarmed by tasks at home or is occupied by work demands. Thanks to the smart sensors, aspara smart grower automatically adjusts:

  • Lighting
  • Nutrients flow
  • Planting modes.


That’s the story of how an abundant, most nutrient-filled harvest awaits you. Minus the sweat.

Smart Hydroponic Grower: Harvest in Record Time

It’s inevitable. When on one hand, you have a superior system scientifically proven to provide the best caring environment, and on the other, you take the ‘choicest’ of seeds, all-natural and free from toxins, what comes out is a produce that’s not only technically more nutrient-rich than what the market currently offers but is also one that matures faster.


Lightweight and portable, aspara indoor garden is hydroponics in its best form. Here, you are not limited by the toxic nature of traditional soil-based farming. Pesticides, petroleum-based products and a host of harmful toxins common to land-based cultivation inhibit plant growth - not to mention constitute a health hazard to humans.  


Instead, the smart hydroponics grower introduces only essential nutrients to your choice veggie or fruit. Given at just the right time. At just the right amounts.


Right from the get-go, your journey starts only with the best: organic seeds that are totally non-GMO. Again, this is putting your health at the forefront of everything else. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are genetically-engineered crops designed to withstand the onslaught of herbicides (i.e. glyphosate) but are harmful to humans in the long run. As these may bring in oxidative stress, inducing a host of cancers in the process.


To top all that you have 100% germination assurance. Telling you your golden harvest is as robust and imminent as can be.


The results speak for themselves:


  • 50% faster plant growth
  • Use 90% less water
  • Harvest in as little as 30 days (instead of 45 to 90)


And as you are not limited by the changeable nature of the weather, you enjoy 4 seasons of harvest, a glorious event that should bring out the cheers for the whole family all year through.


Put in the mix the stunning aesthetics of the aspara smart hydroponic grower,  and you know this is ‘one green indoor revolution’ your home shouldn’t miss. A sleek, compact box to complement your space - without eating too much of it.

What You Get in the Box

  1. The aspara smart hydroponic grower set-up
  • 10 smart sensors
  • Patent-pending 86 intelligent grow lights (LED)
  • 16 ready-to-use grow pods
  • With reservoir water system for automatic watering
  • lightweight: 24.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 1 x 13.8 x 14.6 inches
  1. Seed kits
  • 8 seed capsules plus essential nutrients


Available seeds (sample):


  • Green Lettuce
  • Blue Curled Kale
  • Mizuna
  • Blue Curled Kale
  • Red lettuce
  • Butterhead
  • Dill
  • Sweet basil
  • Coriander
  • Rocket
  • Parsley
  • Tomato


  1. Downloadable smartphone app.


Aspara Smart Hydroponic Recent Awards:


  • 2018 IHA Global Innovation Award (GIA)
  • Electronic Industries Award 2018 (Gold Prize Winner)
  • International Design Awards - Gold (Flora and Fauna)