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PerfectPrime Unleashes World's First Handheld Thermal Camera Design for Fever Detection with 0.3 Degree Celsius Accuracy and Under $500 US Dollars

The world is facing a never before seen crisis which has cost economies billions of dollars and affected an unprecedented number of lives. The coronavirus has forced people to stay home and out of work at its peak but businesses are now slowly opening up as the pandemic dies down. Almost all the companies are now implementing new temperature monitoring systems to screen each individual before they are allowed to enter. The measure normally includes a device that can measure a person's temperature such as a non contact infrared thermometer or thermal systems. PerfectPrime has launched a brand new handheld thermal camera for this very purpose.

The IR0280H has been tuned for accurately detecting feverish temperatures in a non disruptive way. The difference between the IR0280H and other handheld cameras is the extremely high accuracy level at an impressive 0.3°C(0.6°F) and without the need for blackbody radiation. Users can instantly detect for elevated temperatures with minimum set up, space and time. 

4 portraits showing key uses of thermal camera IR0280H

Additional key advantages in this thermal camera include:

  1. Engineered and calibrated for human use
  2. Maintains high accuracy up to 2.5 meters (8.2 foot) away
  3. Can be mounted onto a tripod stand
  4. Alarm system

Normally, handheld thermal cameras are used by inspectors to check for thermal anomalies in home inspection or at industrial sites. They are calibrated to reach over 1000°C (1832°F) on some models but at a cost of lower accuracy. By limiting the temperature range from 32°C to 42°C (89.6°F - 107.6°F) , the IR0280H has been optimised for human fever detection.

In addition, health authorities are insisting on a social distance of 2 meters apart. The IR0280H can accurately measure human temperature at that range with no loss in accuracy,and has an alarm system which will sound the moment a high temperature is recorded, this really adds an additional level of protection for users and for the company in ensuring no human error in reading and no more redundant stop and checks, greater safety and efficiency.

Icons showing locations of where thermal cameras are used

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, the following locations have adopted thermal screening:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings/Factories/Warehouse
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Railway Stations
  • Schools

The list is just a small sample of how many different industries have adopted new preventative measures against the virus.

The IR0280H handheld Thermal Imaging Camera for elevated human body temperature is now available for purchase globally directly on the PerfectPrime website.

This infographic explains why the IR0280 thermal camera is better suited compared to those on the market. 

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