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‘Stop Use of thermometers’ PerfectPrime Thermal Camera Is the Answer

Indeed, a thermal camera is boon to mankind these days -  making a huge dent in humanity’s global fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Medical practitioners from across the Pacific, however, are begging to disagree. Just when COVID-19 cases worldwide are weighing heavily on the planet surpassing the 20-million mark, health experts in the Philippines suggested scrapping thermometer use in checkpoints in the country’s virus-ravaged capital region altogether. At the heart of the matter: failure in detection.

In hindsight, such calls serve to state the obvious. That tools must adapt to the job at hand. And not the other way around. Simply put, in this pandemic, humanity needs thermal cameras that work. Exactly why looking into the merits of PerfectPrime IR0280H - the game-changing fever detection thermal camera - these days should bid you well.

In Philippine Checkpoints: Thermal Camera in Hot Waters!

Surprise, surprise.

From the looks of it, it would seem thermometers long given a key role in limiting the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic are taking a back seat. At least in one of America’s former colonies across the Pacific.

Medical experts in the Philippines have issued a statement advising the police in Metro Manila to put a stop on some measures currently being implemented in strategic quarantine checkpoints in the metropolis to curtail the spread of the virus.

As confirmed by no less than the NCRPO (National Capital Region Police Office) itself, medical professionals recommended in their closed-door meeting on the first Friday of August that the use of thermometers and misting tents should be stopped in quarantine control points in the region.

These medical experts all at the forefront in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic cite such practices as “no longer effective in the elimination of the (coronavirus)”.

Further, these health professionals were composed of the top public and private medical practitioners in the country. Participating institutions were:

  • Chinese General Hospital
  • San Lazaro Hospital
  • Ana Hospital
  • Quezon City health office
  • Muntinlupa health office

Lately, DOH (Department of Health), the nation’s health department, has come under fire.  To note, the archipelago of 106.7 million total population has logged a total of over 147,000 COVID-19 cases recently, topping the tally in the whole Southeast Asia region. In the process overtaking Indonesia which ironically is not only 6 times bigger in landmass but also has a population of over 267 million - more-than-double its inhabitants.

To date, Manila, the nation’s capital, bears the biggest brunt of coronavirus cases.

In June, Capt. Casey Guiterrez, a Filipino police doctor, died from complications after inhaling disinfectant while attending to patients in a misting tent. Since then, disinfection tents have slowly fallen from grace in the islands.

As for thermometers, their use in various quarantine checkpoints has produced a lot of headaches for motorists who find themselves having to fall in line and endure more traffic delays on the road to get scanned.  

Moreover, in light of the blistering hot weather experienced by motorists in the tropical country, the ability of these handy scanners to detect fever and determine possible coronavirus-infected individuals have been put to question.

Compounding the fact: Motorcycle riders, a group which comprises the bulk of Philippine motorists, have to wear helmets on the road intensifying their internal head temperature in the process. And possibly mangling results.

For his part, NCRPO chief Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas has assured the public that the police are ready to “strictly enforce and implement the policies and guidelines” as implemented by the national government and duly recommended by top medical experts of the country.

PerfectPrime IR0280H: Fever Detection at Its Finest!

Indeed given the task at hand, a run-of-the-mill thermometer is bound to fall short in making things work. Remember that SARS-CoV-2, the zoonotic virus that’s behind COVID-19 illness, is virtually non-existent in anyone’s radar in early 2019. Therefore, assuming those handy thermometers which bear technology of long ago are the best fever-scanning solution on the road is whimsical at best.

Fortunately for you and every human on the planet, of the hotter climates including, PerfectPrime’s IR0280H thermal camera is stepping up to the plate. Right off the bat, know this infrared wonder is perfectly equipped to meet the ever-burgeoning demands of fighting the pandemic. Toe to toe.

Here’s how:


The Philippine street scenario at the nation’s capital is one bottleneck that’s exacerbated by the virus. On one hand, you have excessive traffic that existed pre-pandemic times. But as an emphasis on tracking COVID-19 infections rose so did the number of checkpoints.

Ultimately, all the choke points lead to more delays on the road. Which inevitably leads to more motorists with fried tempers.


The PerfectPrime IR0280H solution:

Everything boils of course to time. And this is where this avant-garde thermal imaging technology is standing tall, providing out-of-the-box solutions designed to fight the virus spread by cutting processing time needed to arrive at human temperature readings.


Thermal camera with distance

For sure, conventional thermometers - dubbed by the American government as non-contact infrared thermometers or NCITs - are handy but these need to be rendered up close to the forehead to function. Not only does having to take the device that close takes time, but the practice also runs a greater risk of spreading the virus.

On the other hand, the IR0280H need not be that close to function as it can be used from 2 meters away.  That’s a game-changer. Trumping the few-centimeters measuring distance of NCITs.


Another problem with the way NCITs work is you are constricted to have people fall into a single line to arrive at reliable numbers. You simply take time in doing so.

The IR0280H, for its part, offers greater options. For one, aside from using it as a portable scanner, you can also mount the device as it is equipped with a tripod mount hole to act as a standalone device capable of operating without human hands propping it up.

Combine all that with the IR0280H greater measuring distance and a computer and you have a faster way to process people.

But that’s not all. Another laudable key aspect of the IR0280H is its wider scope. Unlike conventional thermometers that have a very limited window to extract heat signatures, this PerfectPrime flagship product can take into account all thermal signatures caught by its lenses as duly reflected on the screen.

Informing you of the hottest spikes in the picture. Not to mention alerting you when dangerous heat signatures abound.


 thermal camera detecting crowds

Right from the get-go, know that proper protocol must be observed when using any thermal imaging technology. Professional home inspectors make the most of the infrared camera in their energy audits by making sure the right parameters are set.

For instance, blower doors come into play when home energy audits are done. More often than not. Or for that matter, the right time of day. Any home inspector experienced enough would understand the need for the right environment for infrared technology to function.

On the same token, protocols must also be observed when using NCIS or handy thermometers. As FDA (Food and Drug Administration) advisory detailed in its website:

  • Use in a draft-free space and out of the direct sun or near radiant heat sources.
  • Determine if conditions are optimal for use. Typically, the environmental temperature should be between 60.8-104 ºF (16-40 ºC) and relative humidity below 85 percent.
  • Place the NCIT in the testing environment or room for 10-30 minutes prior to use to allow the NCIT to adjust to the environment.

However, wanting to test as many motorists as possible, Philippine checkpoints barely observe these proper protocols on the road. Environmental temperature is barely taken into consideration. If at all.

In this sense, the medical practitioners’ recommendation fostered a valid point. The use of those handy thermometers is counterproductive, given the circumstances.

It is imperative therefore that governments learn to properly use thermal imaging technology. By placing them in strategic points where they can function best and by using them appropriately.

Still, a more reliable instrument would churn out more reliable results. And this is where things take an avant-garde turn.

 thermal camera detecting fever

The PerfectPrime IR0280H Solution:


These days, accuracy is the name of the game; it cannot be overestimated. Fighting an unseen virus that’s spreading like wildfire is taking a huge toll on the way we measure things.

And the IR0280H never fared better.

Unlike most conventional thermometers deployed today which boast of typical accuracy of 2°C, the IR0280H is equipped with 0.3°C ( 0.6°F) accuracy level. In the world of handheld thermal cameras, it’s a first.

Come to think of it, this translates to the PerfectPrime thermal camera able to detect the slightest changes in human body temperature. Allowing faster detection of seemingly harmless heat spikes otherwise unseen by conventional tech.

That can only mean your safety is not left to chance. You’re looking at more definitive results when coming across temperature numbers from PerfectPrime’s thermal camera. Giving your home, your business, and your establishments greater reasons to feel safe. And rest easy.


Without a shadow of a doubt, value-for-money is a hot topic these days. As the pandemic seems bent on gobbling up just about every enterprise on its path - from restaurants to yoga centers - making sure you get the most bang for your buck is paramount.

And the same holds water for governments all over the world. The Republic of the Philippines including.  


The PerfectPrime IR0280H solution:


Even though the ground-breaking fever detection thermal camera is armed to the teeth with mind-blowing features, the German-technology product does not carry a heavy price.

No, sir.

This allows you to be bold. So rather than spend infinite hours fidgeting when to buy the unit, you can decide on how many PerfectPrime IR0280H fever detection thermal cameras to round up. Right about now.

Truth be told, you’d be better for it. In today’s thermal camera world. Check out the infographic below for more info.

Why Should You use IR0280H Thermal Camera

PerfectPrime infographic showing difference between IR0280H and other thermal cameras on the market

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