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How Thermal Cameras Can Help with Rebuilding

California Fire

The California fire has taken lives and destroyed hundreds of homes resulting in the displacement of thousands of people. Firefighters are tirelessly fighting for control and to contain this disaster whilst searching for missing people and the cause of the fire. Their rescue efforts are hampered by dangerous debris, secondary fires, smoke and time. To cover such a large area it would take the brave firefighters and volunteers too long to locate a potentially seriously injured person. 

To combat this and increase their chances to save locate a survivor, firefighters and volunteers may use a thermal camera. A thermal camera is a device which can pick up the heat signatures of any objects. It works by capturing the emitted thermal energy and translating it into a visible image.  

They can use a thermal camera to cover a large area when used in a helicopter and even searching by foot. During the day, and depending on the weather conditions vision can be clouded, thermal cameras can see through this as it's not thermal energy. It can also save the lives of the rescuers when they enter a smoldering building to check for missing people, they may not know about secondary fires that are lurking under some debris or behind a wall. 

As with all natural disasters such as Typhoons, Hurricanes, and wildfires happening one after another all over the world, the use of thermal imaging camera as a tool to help with the aftermath has become all the more popular. With advanced features that detect and analyzes thermal energy, thermal imaging cameras can be used to diagnose issues that can actually help people move back into their homes and offices in a much shorter amount of time and in safer conditions. In the wake of these disasters, damages such as molding and other types of water damage can be caused which cannot be spotted with your eyes. With the use of thermal cameras, these damages can easily be picked up and you will be able to consult with home inspectors to decide what action to take to fix the situation.

What makes it so hard to detect water leakages and damages is that they are usually located in corners or other places that are difficult to identify. Furthermore, it can easily leak from one floor to another, making it very tough to know whether or not the water damage is still there. In the process of water damage restoration, the thermal camera acts as an extremely important tool to diagnose where the issue is coming from, thus being a time and money saver for many people. You can use it to identify where moisture exists, whether it is behind walls, on the floors or on the ceilings, by spotting abnormal temperature spots. What is great is that you can save the images taken with the thermal camera and refer back to it anytime in the future to check on the progress after fixing the problem.

In addition to fixing water-related problems, thermal cameras can also be used to find insulation problems, air leaks, electrical issues, HVAC problems etc. which could be valuable to recovering from other problems caused by disasters.

For many years, thermal cameras could cost upwards of thousands of dollars. The prices have gone down dramatically in recent years and are more affordable to professionals and even regular homeowners. Unexpected disasters can happen at any moment and having a thermal camera can help people recover from these problems much quicker. Of course, even when there are no disasters, thermal cameras are still useful tools that can be of use in different applications. Follow this link to see Perfect Prime's collection of Thermal Cameras.

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