Our story begins with the name of the brand Perfect Prime. The products we focus on are consumer electronics and digital measuring equipment. We produce quality tools that enable our target audience's life and work better.

We focus on being innovative, simple and modern and we emphasise these three qualities through our products and customer service to make the whole process a unique and memorable experience. 

Our Founding

PerfectPrime was founded in 2013 from the ideas and determination from one man.

Finding success in the initial days, the company started its sales channel on eBay and it only continued to grow.

By 2018, PerfectPrime brand and products have expanded to several major platforms including Amazon, Walmart, Google Express and Alibaba.

Early Growth and Challenges

Finding a niche in the market to provide better customer care and products, the company found great success early on.

There were many meetings and plans had to be redrawn from scratch time and time again.

Through persistence and team work, PerfectPrime prevailed. 


Working with our engineers we've designed products that meet our high standards and tailored to the market needs.

Proud of the result, we have partnered with IP lawyers in securing patents on several of our products to ensure fake copycats do not tarnish the PerfectPrime brand. 

Today and the future

With the products finalised and a growing market to cater to, PerfectPrime has further penetrated the European, Canadian and Japanese market with more in its sight.

The team has grown from 3 members to over 340 staff with offices located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Netherlands , UK and US.

We're making dramatic changes in our operations so that we can continue delivering top products.