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Ghost Hunting with a Thermal Camera

A thermal camera is perfectly poised to validate your quest for the paranormal. And there may not be a most opportune to grab one than this Halloween 2020. While the land is besieged by an invisible enemy in the coronavirus, thousands of Americans have suffered fatal complications, dying needlessly in the process. In short, an army of neglected souls could be roaming the land crying out for help, and wanting to communicate with the living. At the other end of the spectrum, thousands more of Americans living would want to put closure to these untimely deaths - and connect a line to the departed.  In this regard, there’s no better equipment than a thermal camera that will get you as close as possible to the “spirits of the dead”. And connect the dots in the process.

The merits of a thermal camera have long served man. Ever since it was concocted to seek enemy movement in times of war in the mid-20th century (the infrared is a military invention), thermography has delivered helping countless fire departments in America, and in the case of the COVID-19 virus preventing unwanted infections. Indeed, infrared technology is as reliable as can be. It may be your best hope to give your jaw-dropping ghost story the evidence it deserves.  


The Rise of Ghost Hunting in America

Before Conjuring and The Nun scared the daylights out of America, the first ghost hunters already in action way back in the 18th century. Even without the super-connectivity offered by the internet, hair-raising stories of spiritual encounters were making the rounds stirring the pot so to speak in Great Britain, the birth nation of many Americans then. Thus, the Society for Physical Research was born in 1882 with the specific purpose of investigating psychic or paranormal occurrences. It brought to bear a systematic way of investigating the occult.

Like a plague, the Society for Physical Research spread all over the world starting with a chapter in America in 1885. The rest is history.

Of course, the Church and Government played a major role in putting the limelight on out-of-this-world occurrences. The Inquisition by the Catholic Church that started in the 12th century made practices not in conformity to established beliefs such as devil worship and spiritism to be illegal punishable by sudden death by hanging or burning. Sadly, St. Joan of Arc and thousands of Knights Templar perished to such persecutions in France. In Colonial America, the Salem Witch Hunts in the 17th century hanged dozens of people who sought the occult and practiced witchcraft, a dreadful act remembered to this day.

Today, in the age of the millennials, interest in the paranormal has been evident in the way people around the world consume media. For one, The Conjuring a 2013 supernatural film about a paranormal investigator couple by James Wan, had but a measly budget of 20 million dollars but audience reception was overwhelming. The film grossed over 300 million dollars in the box office, providing a launching pad for many more ghost films among these are The Conjuring 2 (2016), The Nun (2018), and a future movie in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021).

If you’re into the paranormal, fret not. You’re really not alone when you say, “Give me a sign.” Here are some solid facts:

  • 29%: A greater number of Americans have felt they’ve been in touch with a dearly beloved who has passed away.

Even intellectuals are starting to take notice. For instance, Claude Fischer, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley teaching sociology wrapped America’s fascination with the supernatural saying:

“As we approach Halloween, note that most American adults in the 21st Century say that they believe in life after death and in the devil. Over one-third say that they believe in the spirits of the dead coming back; about that many also say they believe in haunted houses.”

So what are you waiting for? Gear up.

Zeroing in on a Ghost-hunting Thermal Camera

A thermal camera is perfect for a ghosthunting job, more than the usual EMF metal detector can. Infrared tech’s ability to detect the invisible can give you a great advantage in getting a unique point of view into the realm of the supernatural. That’s because these apparitions seldom take physical form and thereby won’t exist in the normally visible range.

A thermal camera can detect the presence of heat energy. Its capacity to reveal the presence of fuming fires behind walls and the presence of a fire victim through all the smoke and debris has saved countless American lives these past years.

For your quest into the paranormal, a thermal camera can give an accurate picture of where the presence of heat or lack thereof is most pronounced. Through its monitor, you are given the variances of thermal energy around you. Alerting you in a wink of an eye sudden presence of mysterious energies as you go through your chosen spot for investigation.

The best part’s you won’t even need the presence of light to make all the detection happen. With an infrared tech, you can be alerted of changes in temperature around you even in the pitch-black night. This unique trait has gained infrared cameras a foothold in police and military work.

But a little warning. Not all thermal cameras are created equal. And you’d be lucky to find a one-size-fits-all product for all your ghosthunting needs. To give you the best experience and a greater chance of landing the paranormal scoop that you desire, here are 5 things to remember when deploying infrared technology to the occult zone:


  1. Portability


Right from the onset, know ghosthunting is not for the faint of heart. Treading through a labyrinth of caves or abandoned houses or isolated cemeteries is not only frightening it’s risky to your overall wellness. For one, you could easily meet accidents as these places are as inhospitable as can be.

Your tools therefore matter. Specifically, tools that are too heavy may weigh you down zapping your overall efficiency and sabotaging the outcome of your quest. To “get in touch with the dead” right, you need lightweight devices. Getting a handy thermal camera should solve your dilemma.

Thankfully, today’s thermal cameras are a fraction of the original size of yesterday’s bulky models. So you should have no problem getting a good model.


  1. Standalone or a smartphone camera?


This leaves you two options. You can either go for a handheld thermal camera or one that you can attach to your smartphone. The advantage of the attached version is obvious; it’s as light as a feather compared to independently-held models.

There’s a catch though. Though handheld models weigh a bit more, they’re also more efficient in terms of temperature range and in sensitivity compared to the attached versions.


  1. Do your due diligence.


When you want to make the most of a thermal camera, you need to do some research to bring upfront the best results. That means doing a case study of your location, possibly interviewing first-hand witnesses of past appearances in the region. You can also get the history of the place from people nearby.

You can’t lay down your rational mind when ghosthunting. Without being scientific about it, you could arrive at illogical conclusions that can only undermine your occult work.


  1. Prioritize your safety.


Often times when a person is so obsessed about paranormal activity, safety measures going to the sight in question are let go. And that can be a fatal mistake for anyone. Not only will you be compromising the integrity of your work when you’re doing things alone, but you can also be physically harmed by unscrupulous individuals and untoward events.

A thermal camera is not a self-defense weapon. It may record the presence or absence of heat but it can’t prevent someone from attacking you when you’re most vulnerable. More often than not, it’s not the bad spirits and malevolent unseen forces that bring harm but wayward humans. The best way to go about it is to bring a team to your chosen site and not dive alone. You not only ensure your safety, but you also ensure your adventure is worth the hassle.


  1. Check the price tag.

Ever since it landed in America, a lot of innovation has been factored into the thermal camera even when prices have gone down. And that’s to tell you it’s a good thing. However, don’t be fooled by aggressive marketing. There are product models that can give you the best experience but doesn’t cost you a fortune.

The best way to know how good a product is is to bring it on the road. In this regard, checking consumer reviews can help bring to light how good a model is. To this end, this Halloween 2020 offers no better opportunity for you to check things out.

It’s a win-win scenario. This Halloween should allow you to investigate the paranormal like never before while at the same time realize how useful the right thermal camera can be.

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