cat in thermal farting

This just happened with a Thermal Camera

Upgraded Thermal Camera 2.0

Upgraded Thermal Camera can see Farts!

You saw that right!

For a long time now people have been debunking thermal cameras on whether they can see people farting and there are lots of videos on Youtube showcasing this. 

Those were all fakes

Those thermal cameras were not calibrated nor were their sensors capable of showing the heat in gases, they were all tuned for solid material.

That's why....

PerfectPrime has the upgraded thermal camera 2.0 that has a patented new thermal sensor that has been tuned specifically for reading thermal signature in gases. We had been seeing a rise in demand for more sensitive thermal cameras for applications in the gas industry.  

But we didn't expect to see this! 

During one of our test runs, we were setting up an experiment to see if we could see the hot steam coming out of a kettle. Everything was put into place and we were doing the last bit of settings on the camera when we accidentally saw this;

Shockingly a colleague (discreetly) passed out gas just at that moment!
We didn’t expect the results to be so clear. We needed more information and decided to run more tests outside. Although before proceeding we should mention that passing gas is a very natural process that everybody does. No personal information is shown in any of these images. 

Can you imagine the kind of market this could cover? Big social influencers will have a blast with this setup pranks on their buddies and loved ones. 

Unexpectedly we have opened a brand new market.

It's no coincidence that this blog and tech is released on this very day. 


The main purpose of this short article is to bring back some much-needed joy and laughter during this difficult time we all face. No matter where you are or who you are, the covid-19 virus doesn’t discriminate. Let's do our best to stay positive and fight this together. Be responsible, keep social distances and wash hands thoroughly whenever you change locations.
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