Can A Thermal Camera Be Used For Fever Detection

With the coronavirus covid-19 spreading to nearly all corners of the world and putting the world on hold, many companies and organizations are doing their best to implement measures that will reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

These measures generally follow the WHO guidelines such as frequently washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, keep a 2 metres social distance from others and staying home in isolation if they experience coughing or sneezing and especially a fever.

Where does the thermal camera come in?

Normally thermal cameras are used by professionals to check for thermal abnormalities in industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and home inspection. However, the IR0280H is a specially designed thermal camera for detecting elevated body temperature in humans. The accuracy is within ± 0.3°C (± 0.6°F) which is achieved by narrowing the temperature range which could be a few hundred degrees down to 32°C - 42°C. Which is all the temperature needed to check for healthy and high fever in an individual. 

The key advantage of using a thermal camera over a non-contact thermometer is the increased distance and being able to scan instantly. If the person being measured isn't wearing face masks and is potentially infected, there is a high risk of transmission if you have to step in close to measure their temperature. The IR0280H can be set up at key points and measure people as they pass by. This is more discreet, efficient, and effective as it can locate the hottest point on the screen and show the results live. Furthermore, an alarm can be set that if the temperature measured exceeds a certain point then it will sound an alarm alerting staff to investigate and take the individual for further screening.

Several organizations are already using thermal cameras to mass check people including, transportation, businesses, factories, and hospitality. Airports, in particular, are best equipped to check people for a high fever. They don't need to stop and wait for a staff to confirm, travelers simply pass by the thermal camera which will show their temperatures instantly.

To help cope with COVID-19, PerfectPrime has released the IR0280H Thermal Camera. Check out the infographic below for more info.

Why Should You use IR0280H Thermal Camera

PerfectPrime infographic showing difference between IR0280H and other thermal cameras on the market

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