Thermal Camera FAQ

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Thermal Camera FAQs


Question: Would I be able to use it on an animal to find heat/inflammation?

Answer: Yes,the higher resolution the camera, the more details you will be able to see.

Question: Can i use it to detect rodents or rats or mice or cats behind walls ?

Answer: The thermal imaging camera can be used to locate the area where insulation has been removed from the interior of a wall by rats/mice as long as they give off enough heat to create a heat differential on the wall. 

Question: Can it be used to locate deer or other animals in the woods?

Answer: Yes if it is cold enough, it will be able to find the location of any animal in sight. 

Question: Can this be used to detect wildlife? If so, how far out can I expect it to work?

Answer: Yes it can. It can detect objects up to 150 feet.


Behind Objects

Question: Can this camera find wet spots on the ceiling from roof leaks?

Answer: Yes because wet spots caused by leakages would create a difference in temperature on the ceiling.

Question: Can this camera be used to see radiant tubing in floors?

Answer: Yes if the tubing radiates enough heat to cause a different temperature on the floor. 

Question: Can it see through walls?

Answer: No. Thermal cameras can only detect the surface temperature of an object, it cannot see through solid objects inclusing wall, window, glass etc. 

Question: Can I use this to see studs in the walls?

Answer: Yes, if the studs generates enough heat to cause a different temperature on the wall. 


 Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Question: Can it detect short circuits, heating components etc on circuit board? 

Answer: Yes it can. The higher resolution camera you use, the more details you will be able to see. 

Question: How well does it detect thermal problems on circuit boards?

Answer: It will be able to show the hot spots of the circuit.



Question: What is the temp range on your thermal cameras?

Answer: Please refer to the chart at the bottom with the temperature range comparison.

Question: What temperature can it withstand? 

Answer: Operating Temp Range is -10°C to 50°C (14 to 122°F) for IR0280. The rest are 0°C to 45°C (32 to 113°F)

Question: Can it be used in fire fighting?

Answer: It can be used to locate where people are, especially in situations where smoke is blocking your view. 



Question: Can this be used to detect inflammation in the body? 

Answer: Yes it can, but it would be recommended to use higher resolution (320 x 240 pixels) thermal cameras for this application.

Question: Can you see temperature differences in the human body with this?

Answer: Yes you can see temperature differences in the human body. 



Question: Will your thermal cameras detect a refrigerant leak on an AC system?

Answer: Yes, as refrigerant leak would cause a temperature difference. 

Question: Can it pick up leaks on AC unit?

Answer: It will pick up different temperatures. So if the leak is hot or cold you will see it.

Question: Will this identify air conditioning duct work issues behind a wall

Answer: Yes, as long as it changes the temperature of the surface of the wall that you can see.

Question: Can you detect air or gas leaks in piping systems? 

Answer: This camera will detect cold or hot areas so it would detect an air leak if it were hot or cold air.



Question: Will it detect moisture in sheet rock?

Answer: yes, because moisture generally shows up as cooler than the surrounding area.

Question: Can I use this device to check a roof for poor insulation?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to identify air gaps around windows and doors etc.



Question: How far can it detect?

Answer: You can refer to the chart below for reference about the distance detected. 

Question: What is the ideal distance to detect a small heat source?

Answer: Generally the ideal distance would be within 30ft.



Question: Can you change the Color palette ?

Answer: Yes, there are multiple color palettes to choose from for each model. 

Question: Can it be mounted to a tripod?

Answer: Only the IR0001, IR0002 and IR0280 can be mounted to a tripod as they have a base screw at the bottom.

Question: How long does the battery last in continuous use?

Answer: The batteries can last up to 5 hours continuously. 

Question: Does it record video, take still photos or both?

Answer: The IR0102 and IR0280 can take videos and still photos. The other models can only take still photos. 

Question: Can I change to metric unit?

Answer: Yes, there are multiple units you can choose from, ie °C/°F.

Question: If there are problems with the batteries, are the rechargeable batteries replaceable?

Answer: If there is a problem with the battery, you can send the unit back to us and we will replace the battery for you.

Question: Is there zoom on this camera?

Answer: Only the IR0280 has the zoom function. 

Question: Does this have what flir calls mxs where it overlays the actual picture in with the thermal so you can see details?

Answer: You can choose the mode which is 50% thermal image and 50% visual image to view the overlay. You can use the image registration mode to adjust the position of the image so that the thermal and visual images align. (This does not apply to IR0175, IR0001, IR0002)

Question: Does the thermal camera come with a thermal software ?

Answer: We do not have any thermal software at the moment but could be a feature we add in the future. 

Question: Is this device ready to use out of the box or do i need to calibrate it?

Answer: Yes, all of PerfectPrime's thermal cameras are already calibrated when sold.

Question: Can your thermal cameras stream video live to a computer or phone? 

Answer: No, images and videos can be transferred to computer but it cannot show real time monitoring.

Question: Can these thermal camera be programmed to take pictures at regular intervals?

Answer: No, all pictures are taken manually.

Question: Is there any software to analyze thermal data?

Answer: No at the moment, but we are working on that and will potentially have a thermal software developed in the near future. 

PerfectPrime Thermal Camera Comparison Chart

PerfectPrime Thermal Camera distance comparison chart