What are Roof Inspections?

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Benefits of Roof Inspections?  

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When to Schedule
Roof Inspections?

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How do you Use a Thermal Camera for Roof Inspections?

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Advantages of Using a Thermal Camera in Roof Inspections? 

When to Schedule
Roof Inspections?


As a general rule of thumb, the observing the following periodic maintenance routine is wise: 

Once every 2 years for newly-installed roofing systems
Once every year for roofs above 5 years in age 

Having a regular roof maintenance check-up ensures you avoid serious issues before they come with a loud bang.

Moreover, certain random instances which could happen anytime of the year require you have a roof inspection in order. Some of these are:

When a Big Storm
Hits Town

A big storm is coming to a house

Any time a storm, big or small, passes through, there will be damage to the house including the roof. Immediately afterwards and provided the weather has calmed down, it's best to do roof inspection or call a professional.

A thorough inspection after any drastic weather changes should be able to pinpoint the damage done to your roofing system.  

Before a Buy

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A house may look perfect inside and out but you won’t know what it has been through structurally. If you think getting a professional inspector is going overboard, you can always do a quick inspection with a thermal camera.  

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