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IR0006 Thermal Camera

IR0006 Thermal Camera

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  • Thermal Camera IR0006

    Jobs that require the utmost thermal imagery clarity need look no further the compact thermal camera IR0006. It hosts an impressive 320 x 240 Thermal Resolution which delivers 76800 pixels, making applications such as checking electrical wires, circuit boards and underfloor heating more easy to analyse and become cost efficient. Designed to be robust and ergonomic, the professionally designed tool fits into the palm of your hands with easy access to buttons so that it can be operated single-handedly, perfect for hard to reach places and tight spots. In addition to providing the necessary features for thermal inspection, the IR0006 is made to be cost effective. Top thermal resolution, low cost.

    • 3.2 in. TFT Display
    • 320 x 240 (76,800) Thermal Resolution
    • Temperature Range from -4°F to 572°F (-20°C to 300°C)
    • 5 Color palettes to option
    • Rechargeable Li ion Battery
    • 4 GB micro SD card
    • Simple Navigation Buttons
  • Specification Description
    Infrared image resolution  320 x 240
    Visible image resolution  640x480 (300,000 pixel) 
    Field angle/shortest focus length  56°x42°/4.0mm
    Thermal sensitivity  0.07°C
    Temperature measurement range  -20~300°C(-4°F~572°F)
    Test and measurement precision 

    ±2°C or ±2%

    Display screen  3.2" full angle TFT display screen
    Emissivity  Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
    Image capture frequency  9 hz
    Wavelength coverage  8-14um 
    Focus mode  Fixed
    Color palette  Spectra, iron, cool, black and white
    View option  Full infrared and full vision Visible image with 25% increments
    Storage Medium  Built-in 4G(above 2 million image stored)
    Image format  JPG
    Power supply  Built-in chargeable battery
    USB  Micro USB 2.0
    Automatic power-off time  Selectable: 5 minutes/20 minutes/ do not power off automatically
    Product size(length x width x height)  140 mmx 80 mmx 28 mm
    Product Weight  208g
    Work temperature  0°C - 45°C
    Storage temperature  -20°C -60°C
    Relative humidity  <85%RH
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  • IR0006 Thermal Camera Product Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Hi item but ? I bought the wrong one lol

ZERO support.

no way to contact support. No one is answering the phone. No one is answering emails.

Interface with computer

How the h.... I can download pictures to the computer?

Great thermal imager for the money

The size and weight of this device is just right. The images are great and you can take pictures of the items you point at. The resolution of the screen is the best and is better that that of the IR0005. I have no complaints and have found this fun to use.

Glad I got this new tool.

Resolution is really good. Has the ability to overlay optical image with thermal image in 25% increments. This is really handy. Menu is easy to use. I'm using it for improving the insulation in my house and I've been able to spot some areas that I didn't know were a problem. Since studs transfer heat/cold differently than sheetrock you can see where the studs contact the walls and where insulation may not be installed correctly. It's also handy to be able to save images. I plan to take before and after images once I've fixed an insulation problem. Still learning how to best use it.