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AirGo Battery Temple Kit

AirGo Battery Temple Kit

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The Battery Temple Kit consists of a Solos AirGo battery temple (left temple), a charging dongle and a USB Type-C cable. The battery temple's charging procedure is very easy:

Step1: Plug the USB Type-C cable’s USB-A connector into a power source’s USB-A port.
Step 2: Plug the USB Type-C Cable’s Type-C connector into the Type-C port of the charging dongle.
Step 3: Plug the battery temple (the left temple) into the charging dongle.
When the red light is on, the battery temple is being charged; when the light turns to blue, the battery temple is fully charged.

With this kit, the user can ensure the sufficient power for Solos Smartglasses. While the smartglasses' power is out of battery, the user just needs to detach the left temple from the smartglasses' frame front and then replace the temple with the fully charged battery temple. The smart glasses have been filled up with power then.
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