AS1001WH aspara™ Nature Smart Hydroponic Grower

aspara™ Nature Smart Hydroponic Grower 

This smart hydroponic grower will change your life starting from your own living room or kitchen. The stylish and sleek designs is perfect for enhancing your interior design and just the thing to impress your guest. 

aspara™ Nature Features:

  • Patent pending LED system
  • 30 preset light program for 15 different plants
  • Fully automated central water system
  • Smart Sensors: Utilising latest technology, the sensors monitors your environment for optimum growing conditions
  • Automatic watering system: Airate your plants and takes care of their nutritional needs using specialised ebb-and-flow technology
  • Soilfree and Clean: Plant your produce anytime of the year and watch it grow up to 5x faster than traditional methods
  • App Control: Manage your growth programs manually or via an app and get instant updates on your seeds/plant progress