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AS1009 aspara STEM Web Portal

AS1009 aspara STEM Web Portal

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  • Annual Subscription to Portal per STEM Smart Grower

    Data collection and plant growth record
    • Collect and download 24/7 tracking data for further analysis
    • Record plant growth and add notes by students for further analysis
    • Monitor multiple accounts & hydroponic smart growers by using group administration
    Create customised planting programs
    • Open for STEM exploration with any species

    Adjustable factors

    Adjustable range

    Possible experiments

    1. Light - light intensit

    0-200 μmol/m-2/s-1

    Effect of light intensity/ photo period/ light spectrum length on plant growth

    2. Light - Photoperiod

    30 minutes-24 hours with single & multiple mode

    Effect of light intensity/ photo period/ light spectrum length on plant growth

    3. Light - light spectrum

    RB Ratio (1.5/3/4:1)

    Customize light spectrum with Red/Blue/White light

    Effect of light intensity/ photo period/ light spectrum length on plant growth

    4. Water flow - Interval

    30 minutes-24 hours with single & multiple mode

    Effect of water flow on plant growth

    5. Water flow - Cycles

    0-6 times

    Effect of water flow on plant growth

    6. Nutrients Detection

    0-5000 μS/cm

    Effect of nutrient concentration & composition on plant growth

    7. Air & Water Temperature


    Effect on Air and water temperature on plant grow

    8. Humidity Sensing



    Effect of humidity on plant growth


    • aspara STEM web portal access and support
    • Planting program customization
    • Adjustable photo period
    • Adjustable water running interval
    • Adjustable grow light intensity
    • User Quota (Maximum concurrent users) :10
    • Free Warranty: 1 Year

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    • Adjustable warning limits
      Parameters listed below can be set with warning limits
      • Maximum and minimum room temperature​
      • Maximum and minimum water temperature​
      • Maximum and minimum humidity
      • Maximum and minimum water level
      • Maximum and minimum nutrient level
    • Adjustable parameters
      Parameters listed below can be set freely
      • Light intensity
      • R:B ratio
      • Photoperiod
      • Water circulation interval and number of flow per interval
      • Day length
      • Number of days of different planting stages
    • Administration right
      Administration right can be assigned for each grower in the portal so that only assigned users can control the grower.
      Some users can be viewers to access only to raw data and reports.
    • Downloadable report
      Planting report for each planting is available in web portal to be downloaded. The report is presented with graphs, charts and data for reference or further analysis. 
    • Raw data for further analysis
      Raw data is accessible and downloadable in excel format for further analysis.
    • E-log book
      Web portal can act as online log book for centralised record of observational data including leaf size, leaf count, etc.
      Data entry can even be customised for inputing any other data in the record.
    • 24/7 monitoring
      aspara™ STEM smart grower records the planting parameters including water level, nutrient level, air temperature, water temperature and humidity 24 hours/ 7 days. All parameters are recorded and accessible in the web portal.
    • Custom planting program
      Except pre-set planting programs, users can create their own planting program in web portal with lighting, water-related, warning limits and planting stage length adjustable and to be customised to fit users' experiment setting.
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