Face Recognition with Thermal Sensor System

State of The Art Facial Recognition for Fever Detection 

Protect Your Business From COVID-19

PerfectPrime's Face Recognition with Thermal Sensor System can be deployed by large organizations in locations such as hotels, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. With a high-temperature accuracy and a sensitive alarm system, facial recognition is used to easily identify any person who may potentially have a fever and log their photo in cloud database. 

There are many benefits of having this system set up at your business:

  • Fast detection - instead of having to measure each individual separately using a thermometer, our system can detect the temperatures of groups of people. 
  • Maintain Social Distance - the system can accurately measure body temperatures from 1 to 2 meters away.
  • Alarm System: When a certain temperature is reached, the alarm would be set off and identify a person who may potentially have a fever and needs further screening.
  • Taking photos for identification - Build reports with a timestamp to see who come in during the same time with the high-temperature individual

Get yours now and keep your employees/visitors safe!

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