Perfect Prime Thermal Imager camera IR0002, Front and back
Perfect Prime Thermal Imager camera IR0002, Screen back view
Perfect Prime Thermal Imager Camera IR0002, Front lenses view

IR0002 Thermal Camera with IR Resolution 3600 Pixels

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  • Thermal Camera IR0002

    The IR0002 thermal imaging camera is an upgrade on the IR0001 for users that require higher resolution images and more clear images to identify temperature issues. We promise quality and price satisfaction with our products. 

      • IR Image Resolution: 60 x 60 , 3600 pixels, Storage memory: Micro SD Card , 4GB for image storage
      • Thermal Sensitivity:0.15°C, Temperature Range: -20 to 300 °C
      • Temperature Accuracy:+/- 2 % or +/- 2 °C
      • Display Screen: 2.4" Full angle HD, Visible Image Resolution:0.3 mega pixels
      Note: Please use 4 X AA Alkaline battery 1.5 V ONLY (No 1.2 V rechargeable battery); Best viewing distance: 1.6 ft to 16 ft
  • Specification Description
    Display screen  2.4" full-angle high resolution
    Infrared image resolution  60*60 (3600 pixels)
    Visible image resolution  0.3 mega pixels
    Thermal sensitivity  0.015°C
    Temperature measurement range  -20~300°C(-4°F~572°F)
    Measurement precision  ±2% or ±2°C (±2% or ±4)
    Wavelength coverage  8-14um 
    Field angle/shortest focus length  56°x42°/4.0mm
    Emissivity  Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
    Focus mode  Fixed
    Image capture frequency  6 Hz
    Color palette  Spectra, iron, cool, black and white
    View option  25% step infrared to vision to infrared and vision image
    Image storage  Mini SD Card
    Image format  bmp
    Battery type  1.5V x 4 power supply (For best performance use Alkaline Battery)
    Battery service life  6 hours
    Auto power-off time  12 minutes
    Authentication  CE (EN61326-1:2006)
    Warranty period  2 years
    Size  212×95×62mm
    Product Weight  320g
    Work temperature  -5°C to ±40°C
    Storage temperature  -20°C - +50°C
    Humidity  10% RH to 80% RH
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