IR0280H Fever Detection Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Android Based Thermal Imaging Camera for Fever Detection

    The IR0280H is the world's first handheld thermal camera that has an accuracy level of 0.3C (0.6F). Erase any potential for missed feverish individuals and ensure everyone is within a safe temperature range

    Set it up with a stand and it becomes a thermal system for users to measure each individual's temperature at key locations of the company. Prevent the spread of potential viruses. 

    • Thermal Resolution: 32 x 32, 1024 pixels, Camera and Video Recording, 9Hz Refresh Rate
    • Touch screen: Real-time temperature information from any pixel on the screen
    • Thermal Sensitivity: 0.15°C, Body Temperature Range:

      32°C~42°C (89.6°F~107.6°F), Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.3°C (± 0.6°F)

    • Thermal Radiometry data included for full report analyses, CSV format, compatible with thermal software

    • Based on the Android platform: Update firmware conveniently at home and experience smoother operations all around.

      • Display: 2.8" Color LCD display
      • Touch Panel: Resistive Type Touch Panel
      • IR sensor size: 32 x 32
      • Digital camera: 640 480 pixels
      • Field of View/shortest focus length: 27 35 /0. 5m
      • Thermal sensitivity: 0. 15 C
      • Temperature range: 32°C~42°C (89.6°F~107.6°F)
      • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.3°C (± 0.6°F)
      • Emissivity: 0. 01-1. 0
      • Image frequency: 9Hz
      • Power supply: Built-in chargeable 18650 battery
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