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IT365 Insulation Tester / Megger

IT365 Insulation Tester / Megger

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  • Introduction

    An insulation tester, also known as a megger, is a device used to measure the electrical resistance of insulation material in electrical systems. It helps identify any weaknesses or faults in the insulation to prevent electrical failures or hazards.

    Insulation testers are commonly used in various applications, including: Electrical Equipment Maintenance: Checking the insulation of motors, transformers, cables, and other electrical devices to ensure their proper functioning and prevent breakdowns.

    Quality Control during Manufacturing: Verifying the insulation quality of newly manufactured electrical components before they are deployed in systems.

    Installation Testing: Assessing the insulation integrity during the installation of electrical systems to ensure compliance with safety standards.

    Troubleshooting: Identifying and locating faults or leaks in insulation that may lead to short circuits, ground faults, or other electrical issues.

    Predictive Maintenance: Periodically testing insulation to predict potential failures before they occur, allowing for proactive maintenance.

    Certification: Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards by verifying the insulation resistance in electrical installations. In summary, insulation testers play a crucial role in maintaining electrical system reliability, preventing failures, and ensuring the safety of both equipment and personnel.

    On top of the impressive features it has a Certificate of Traceable Calibration : Calibrated using Standards of NIST/USA) or National Measurement Laboratory R.O.C (NML/ROC) . Meter Made in Taiwan.

    • Insulation Test Range Up To 20GΩ
    • Test Voltages Of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V For Insulation Test
    • >1mA Short-Circuit Test Current For Insulation Test
    •  Live Circuit Detection
    • Open Circuit Test Voltage > 4V and Short-Circuit Current > 200mA For LoΩ Test
    • Power Source: Size AA Batteries  (IEC LR6) x 4pcs
    • Meter Made in Taiwan
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  • Download User Manual (English)

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