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AS9016 Parsley (8 Capsules)

AS9016 Parsley (8 Capsules)

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Parsley is an easy and fast-growing herb with aromatic flavour. It is used for spice in cuisines including garnishing, salads, stocks, and sandwiches. Curly parsley has more subtle taste and more attractive as a garnish.

Type: Herbs

Sprout: 5-10 days

Harvest: 28 days

Seed from: USA

Nutritional Benefits:

Parsley is rich in antioxidants which slower aging problem, care your skin, and vitamin c strengthen your immune system. Low in calories makes parsley a good herb for weight loss and diet. It also serves as a natural moth freshener and promote healthy hair and digestion.

Harvest Tips:

Parsley may grow a bit slow at the beginning. Soon the growth will become fast with a lot of leaves. Single leaves can be started harvesting one by one or the whole plant after 1-month planting. Curly leaves is an indication of harvesting.

Available Size:

Seed kit with 8 capsules and nutrients (GK4008)

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