PerfectPrime RF0040R2 Laser Distance Meter

Product Specifications

  • Measuring accuracy: ±2.0mm
  • Maximum range: 40m / 131Ft
  • Measuring units: M/In/Ft/Ft+In
  • Display: 2.4inch LCD backlight screen
  • Laser class: Class 2
  • Laser wavelength: 630-670nm,<1mW
  • Battery: 3*AAA (USB:type C, NI-MH rechargeable)
  • Operation environment: 0 to 40 centigrade
  • Storage environment: -10 to 60 centigrade
  • Support voice broadcast
  • Endpiece: YES
  • 4 units for selection
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Auto turn off machine: 3mins/ 180s
  • Area and volume calculation
  • Triangular area measurement
  • Continuous measurement
  • Tilt sensor
  • Single Distance Measurement
  • Pythagoras 2 and 3-point Measurement
  • Recall data: the last 20 Internal memory data
PerfectPrime  R2 laser distance meter

Auto Level and Auto Height Measuring Reference: Front/ Tripod/ Rear

- Wheel measurement-
Measuring curves is no problem

- Voice broadcast-
Clear English voice installed in the device

-IP65 protection level-
Using the device in humid, wet and dusty condition is no problem

-Rechargeable battery-
More environmentally friendly, more durable, and longer lasting. According to the research, NI-MH rechargeable battery can support continuous use more than 6 hours, and for 9000 times


Measure the distance of any  irregular- shaped object. Move the wheel from the start point to end point on a surface, regardless if the surface is curved, round or rugged or even discontinuous.

The device also offers two outstanding features:
-One hand operation;
-Multiple calculation shifting from Laser to Wheel measuring. (Add/Subtract or Area/Volume)

giff of PerfectPrime R2 laser distance meter rolling

PerfectPrime dusty environment for R2 laser distance meter
PerfectPrime R2 laser distance meter with water thrown at it


The measuring meter can withstand direct water contact and is dust proof. It is the ideal tool for rugged environments.

PerfectPrime R2 round measure


With a traditional distance measuring meter, it’s mission impossible to accurately measure a curved or waved distance, but RF0040R2 makes it possible. Simply press the roller button, and roll the object forwards or backwards along the lines, the real-time distance is displayed on screen accordingly.

RF0040R2 can also calculate the area instantly, no need to pull out the calculator or maths equations.

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