RF0100R2B Laser Distance Range Finder Meter Measuring, Electronic

Product Specifications

- Measuring accuracy: 1/16-in (±1.5mm)
- Maximum range: 100m (328ft)
- Measuring units: M/In/Ft/Ft+In
- Display: 2.4inch LCD color backlight screen
- Laser class: Class 2
- Laser wavelength :630-670nm,<1mW
- Battery: 3*AAA (USB:type C, NI-MH rechargeable)
- Operation environment: 0 to 40 centigrade
- Storage environment: -20 to 70 centigrade
- End piece: YES
- Date storage: 50 Groups
- 4 units for selection
- Addition and subtraction
- Auto turn off machine: 3mins/ 180s
- Area and volume calculation
- Continuous measurement
- Tilt sensor and Rotary screen
- Point to point measurement
- Single Distance Measurement
- Pythagoras 2 and 3-point Measurement
- Recall data: the last 0 Internal memory data
- Auto Level and Auto High
- Measuring Reference: Front/ Tripod/ Rear
- BT 4.0 with specific app support

The new model of laser distance meter in this year

It has include new technologies, which are mainly improve the measuring experience of user. Wheel measurement , which allow to measure curve distance, area measurement and volume measurement as well. (Pay attention that, please keep an eye on right direction of wheel when starting wheel measurement) Laser line marking function, which is help to mark the red laser line on the target and show the angle. (Pay attention that, please keep the line laser of the meter parallel to the target, then the angle will displayed on the screen) Voice record function provide you a professional voice service, help you focus on the measurement. Rotary screen setting: This meter has screen rotary, which is very convenient for you to read the data. (Pay attention that, it only available in single/ continuous measurement)

Water proof/ dust proof/ drop resistance

R2B is a balance to both the watered work site and arbitrary measuring experiences, because it not only stands water splash, but also direct wash with water.

Line Laser Marking

Helps you level and align everything. A built-in red laser line is projected on a surface to help you identify the real-time angle for further positioning and marking.

Wheel measurement function

Measure any distance of irregular- shaped object. Move the wheel from the start point to end point on a surface, no matter this surface is curved, round or rugged or even discontinuous.

The wheel also offers two outstanding features:
-One hand operation;
-Multiple calculation shifting from Laser to Wheel measuring. (Add/Subtract or Area/Volume)

Point to Point Measurement

Point to point measures indirect distance between any two points. It can capture multiple, accurate measurements from a single location.

Use smartphone‘s camera, the App can take on-spot photos, and receive the data wirelessly from R2B, then mark it in the smart App accordingly. You also can take notes and share with your friends by Email or WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Stand in the street, you can easily get the length, width or height of a building, window or frames from a single location.

How to align them?

The Line Laser helps you level and align everything.

How long From A to B?

Point to point measures indirect distance between any two points. It can capture multiple, accurate measurements from a single location.

How to measure its perimeter?

With a traditional measurer, it’s a mission impossible to accurately know the curved or waved distance, but R2B makes it possible. Simply press the Roller button, and step the wheel forwards or backwards along the lines, the real-time distance is displayed on screen accordingly.

R2B also can calculate the area instantly to help you tailor-made your tablecloth and so on...

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