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PerfectPrime TC0521 Datalogger Thermometer side
PerfectPrime TC0521 Datalogger Thermometer front
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PerfectPrime TC0521 4-Ch Thermocouple Thermometer

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  • Introduction

    The TC0521 is a premium 4 channel thermocouple thermometer that is compatible with various couple types; J , E, T, N, R and S making it one of the most versatile thermocouple thermometers on the market with a very adorable price tag.

    Its temperature range is an impressive -200 to 1372 °C (-328 to 2501 °F) with an accuracy of ± 0.1% + 0.7°C and features both data logging and bluetooth communication to mobile devices and computers.

    Setup data logging parameters with the free software and record up 32000 individual records per channel enabling long term monitoring.

    This meter has a Certificate of Traceable Calibration : Calibrated using Standards of (NIST/USA) or National Measurement Laboratory R.O.C (NML/ROC) . Meter Made in Taiwan

    • Four Channels Thermocouple Thermometer support K , J , E, T, N, R, S Type, 3.35" LCD display
    • Measurement Range: -328 to 2501 °F (-200 to 1372 °C)
    • Accuracy: ± 0.1% + 0.7°C
    • Sample Rate: 2 times per second
    • Internal DataLog Storage: 32,000 data logger records each channel
    • Bluetooth connection to PC or mobile
    • USB PC Interface: Real Time Monitor, Graphic, Datalog , Storage , data import / export to mobile app on iOS and Android
    • Fast response and sampling rate , Adjustable auto power off timer, Temperature alarm function , Instant recall function
    • Certificate of Traceable Calibration : Calibrated using Standards of NIST/USA or National Measurement Laboratory R.O.C (NML/ROC)
    • Dimension:11.4 x 4.5 x 1.76 Inches (187*75*29mm)
    • Weight: 10.2 Ounce (290g)
    • Meter Made in Taiwan
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