How Thermal Camera Helped Liverpool School Through The Pandemic

How Thermal Camera Helped Liverpool School Through The Pandemic

With a thermal camera standing guard in its entrances, a Liverpool school in England stays open -  allowing young students to attend to their education with confidence in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, the Lakeside School located in the city known worldwide as the birthplace of the Beatles is fast becoming a beacon of hope for the rest of the planet.  To date, almost every other nation on Earth - America included - are still sitting on the fence over the opening of schools, obviously stuck in a tortuous back-and-forth dance on how to best deal with a virus that has infected over 12 million people globally by the latest count.

Indeed, Lakeside pupils are a breath of fresh morning air: enjoying the pursuit of learning when school has been made taboo for most.

On the horizon, a thermal camera is standing tall - rising heads higher than the rest of the pack as it takes up the cudgels of educators. Equipped with a never-before-heard 0.3°C (0.6°F) accuracy level, PerfectPrime’s IR0280H thermal camera is perfectly set with all the bells and whistles to give respective students and teachers worldwide the protection they need. Right when they need it most.

Why ir0280h thermal camera is needed

With Thermal Cameras Upfront, Liverpool Shows the Way

By the looks of it, it would seem Liverpool, England is leading the world again. Reminiscent of the past when its musical bands led by The Beatles - arguably the world’s greatest musical ensemble - have showered the world with the gift of its Merseybeats.

This time around the city shines its light on young learners. Certainly, a piece of welcome news in view of the over 8 million pupils in England who have been forced out of school after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement of a countrywide school shutdown since March. A first in modern British history.

Of course, said measures are a reaction to the virus advance with:

  • 12,389,559 confirmed coronavirus cases all over the world
  • and the U.K. still on the top ten of the most affected countries stacking 287, 621 infections (as of July 10).

Nonetheless, thanks to the thermal camera’s help one school in England has defied the odds. And kept everything running with pride to boot.

Lakeside School, a learning institution dedicated to special education in Liverpool, has kept its doors open since Day 1. All throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Making the most of thermal imaging technology, the school run by Witherslack Group has put in place thermal scanners at its entrances to ensure everyone that comes in is at the right temperature. And free of fever, a major symptom of the COVID-19 virus.

The result? Students primed on learning. Free from the worries of the world.

As Head Teacher Vicky Size confirmed on the Liverpool Echo:

“Our staff, pupils and visitors are all reassured by the presence of our new thermal imaging camera and are happy in the knowledge that only those who have a normal temperature are able to come into school.”

Overall, Ms. Size enumerates the presence of thermal cameras has helped:

  • Reduce anxieties
  • Provide everyone with the safest environment possible

Even more astounding, all of Witherslack Group’s schools have withstood the virus from Day 1, remaining open since England’s lockdown period began. Unlike many specialist education providers around the country.

And without a shadow of a doubt, thermal cameras played a central role in the decision.

The Witherslack Group CEO, Phil Jones, himself affirmed that thermal imaging technology is integral to the success of their drive to curb the spread of coronavirus. Right from the get-go.

Mr. Jones stipulated:

"The recent installation of thermal imaging cameras to detect any person arriving at a Witherslack Group school with a fever represents a further example of our commitment to providing learning environments that are not only innovative and productive but above all are safe places to work and learn.”

ir0280h review

Indeed infrared technology showed everyone there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And nothing may speak volume on this better that its effects on people.

"Our decision to introduce this new technology has provided great comfort to staff, young people, parents and carers alike," the CEO added.


PerfectPrime’s IR0280H: Never Let Your School Down 

Even during the SARS outbreak in 2003, thermal cameras have been used in airports and key establishments to spot infected cases. To note, not only is fever a common identifying symptom for both SARS and COVID-19 patients, but also these two highly-infectious zoonotic diseases come from the same family of viruses, coronaviruses.

However, one must exercise due diligence in choosing which thermal camera to use to protect schools and learning centers. As you may well know by now, not all infrared cameras are created equal. To this end, here are 3 reasons why PerfectPrime’s IR0280H unique thermal camera capabilities are making heads turn in these trying times:

Why Thermal Camera is perfect for schools

  • Greater fever-testing accuracy

At the heart of any workplace temperature scanning is accuracy; and this holds true in school settings too. Being able to know which visitor - student or teacher - is registering above normal temperatures creates an ideal environment for learning, allowing everyone to breathe easy and stay calm.

And this is where PerfectPrime’s IR0280H thermal camera offering may stand unequaled in terms of product satisfaction. In effect becoming a weapon of serious punch.

While most infrared cameras being used today are still harboring an age-old accuracy of 2°C, the IR0280H as a hand-held is a world-first with its 0.3°C (0.6°F) accuracy. That’s a degree of accuracy higher than most. Which can only mean your learning institution would be in a greater capacity to capture people with fever coming and going into your premises.

At a time when the vaccine-less coronavirus has the world at its mercy, you certainly wouldn’t want to gamble the health of your young learners on products parading obsolete technologies, technically virtual dinosaurs from the past.

When push comes to shove, a degree of accuracy may be all you need to detect a wayward fever-carrying individual about to enter your gates. Something who may slip in without you knowing under normal circumstances.

In short, keeping the rest of the school out of harm’s way.


  • Perfect social distancing tool

Within such a short period of time, distance - and the obsession of it - has become a defining parameter of COVID-19’s advance. While experts are debating whether SARS-CoV-2, the zoonotic virus behind the pandemic is airborne or not, we know for sure that keeping an appropriate distance is what the doctor ordered.

The greater the distance we can transact business the lesser the chances of untimely transmissions.

Then again, this is where PerfectPrime’s IR0280H is perfectly spot-on. Right off the bat, keeping a safe distance is embedded to its very core.

Unlike an army of non-contact thermometers flooding the market today, the IR0280H is capable of detecting alarming spikes in the temperature of humans even from as far as 2.5 meters away.

Frankly, that’s a lot of distance not covered by traditional non-contact methods which at best can detect feverish individuals 50 mm (5cm) away.

Plus, PerfectPrime’s IR0280H is designed with all the best options for portability. You can carry it anywhere with you as a handy lightweight device. Or you can have it stand guard at your school’s key entrances. Thanks to a tripod mount hole embedded into its design.


  • Perfect for the budget

Last but not the least, as noteworthy of each and every flagship PerfectPrime product,  PerfectPrime’s IR0280H is surprisingly affordable. Even with all the functions that make it perfect for your protection, the iconic product doesn’t carry a heavy price tag.

In short, PerfectPrime’s IR0280H won’t let you lose a shirt or two.

And that’s paramount.

When everyone is scrambling to find value for money, PerfectPrime’s thermal camera offerings give you a viable option to choose from.

Telling you that at times like these when everything seems to be falling apart, a thermal camera is there for you to keep it all together.

This infographic explains why the IR0280 thermal camera is better suited compared to those on the market. 

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