Love in the Eyes of a Thermal Camera: 5 Uncanny Ways Infrared Can Save Your Valentine’s 2022

Love in the Eyes of a Thermal Camera: 5 Uncanny Ways Infrared Can Save Your Valentine’s 2022

A thermal camera is highly likely the last thing on your mind when you go out on a date this Valentine’s Day. Right? Why should you? At a time when Omicron seems to be waning in America, losing its foothold, it simply makes no sense. To boot, America’s foremost doctor, Anthony Fauci is already looking forward to that day when the virus won’t be able to disrupt us. So why tag along with extra weight? 

But, let’s talk about love. A little perspective should help us out here. In a perfect world, you’d have all the hours to while away with your special someone on that special day. You can frolic in the sand, stargaze while perched on a tree with a glass of champagne, or just simply spend time talking sweet-nothings by the fire. And yet, time and again, unexpected, jaw-dropping things do happen on the Day of Hearts. Case in point: Oscar Pistorius, the celebrated South African athlete, shot his girlfriend to death on Valentine’s Day 2013. 

So while hooking up with a stranger you meet on Bumble may sound electric, a pinch of caution should bid you well. The good news is a thermal camera can guide you in this department. Below are possible scenarios where infrared technology can be a big boost in the arm — and save your Valentine’s 2022 for you.  As the amazing tech improves your prospects, you’ll realize love’s best seen in the eyes of an infrared camera. Read on.  

Ways a Thermal Camera Can Save Your Valentine’s

To each, his own. Shakespeare used to say (MacBeth). Indeed, nobody should tell you how to spend your Valentine’s Day this year 2022. It’s a day you alone should decide. Exactly why looking at the scenarios below should go a long way to help you. Consider them as an eyeopener for you. 

Whether Oscar Pistorius is guilty of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp may be beyond us. But one thing’s certain, the beautiful model is dead from the bullets the Blade Runner fired. While the incident is a drop in the bucket in history, there are numerous cases when the most romantic day on the planet went from lovable to horrible

Now, if Valentine’s is no stranger to violence, rape is definitely raising the bar. One columnist in Australia even labeled V-Day as Rape Culture Day, detailing how rape has become so rampant people may inadvertently promote it. And yes, you’d be surprised at how common rape is in American culture. 

  • 1 in every 6 American women is a victim of rape (attempted or completed)
  • Every 68 seconds an American is being sexually assaulted
  • As of 1998, 17.7 million American women has reported rape. 

The starts are jaw-dropping. Worse, it may be actually higher as many rape cases are unreported. Year-in, year-out data shows: 


Number of Americans Sexually Assaulted Yearly

Number of Americans Sexually Assaulted Yearly
Data Source: National Crime Victimization Survey

While you definitely can gamble on Valentine’s Day to meet a total stranger, erring on the side of caution is wise. In which case, you should apply safety measures so your date is a failsafe one. And that’s why a thermal camera can be a godsend. 

Evade a Serial Superspreader 

You really can’t gamble with health these days. To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken almost 1 million American lives. And growing. 

Making sure your date is healthy and virus-free is being straightforward about it. What’s more important than your precious life, right? And that should apply even when you’re meeting Hollywood A-listers such as Henry Cavill or Tom Cruise. In hindsight, if you look at the athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympics, they all wear masks — Eillen Gu, the 18-year-old Chinese-Amerian gold medallist Olympian ski superstar, including. 

Well, relying on vaccine passports may not cut it too. Already, thanks to unscrupulous individuals, faking the data is now a federal crime. A date you plucked out of the internet who presents you with the data, be it on a piece of paper or via smartphone, could be manufacturing it. But can you have faith and put your life in danger because of that? No, sir. It’s definitely better safe than sorry. 

That is exactly why a thermal camera can come in handy. Make sure the establishments you’re going in have one, so you know you’re not dating a serial superspreader. 

And how about people pretending to be healthy? Again, the infrared tech would easily catch any signs of above-normal temperature in an individual without putting you in direct danger. The non-invasive nature of the technology works wonders to prevent virus spread. If you want to really nail it, why not bring a handy model with you. It’s lightweight and powerful enough to get you the data you need. 

Sure, there are a host of options to look into in the market today when it comes to thermal camera imaging. Zeroing in on a powerful lightweight model that won’t drill a huge hole in your wallet is definitely a treasure trove. That’s exactly why pundits have been talking about handy models such as PerfectPrime’s IR0280H have been a hot-seller ever since the virus stole America’s national attention. 
To boot, here’s a free guide on how to use infrared technology for fever detection. Arming yourself with knowledge is clearly the first step in keeping danger at bay. 


Detect a Serial Killer

It’s extremely unlikely. But, a quick reality check can be a timely wake-up call. Thanks to the American Revolution (and to Founding Fathers such as James Madison), Americans are one of the most armed populace in the whole world. Even with all the talk about gun control, the spate of gun violence happening in American schools these days can really give you goosebumps. 
  • Each day 8 children die from gun violence in the U.S. 
  • Since 1970, a total of 1,316 school shootings happened on American soil with over 90% of shooters planning the event well in advance (Sandy Hook website

What if your date is carrying a concealed firearm? Would you want to go around with someone who does? 

A date with a stranger on Valentine’s Day can truly be awkward. You may be pulled together by your online conversations for months on end. Still, it’s better to establish clear boundaries right at the onset to prioritize your safety. 

Think about it. Even long-established couples are not safe; many times from one another.

Again, Oscar Pistorius comes to mind. His defense was that he thought an intruder came to his household and reacted as he thought he is entitled to. Statistics show that violence between partners dips a bit on Valentine’s day. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. All that big expectations on Heart’s Day can usher in an emotional rollercoaster ride that can end up in a tragedy as these crimes of passion between couples show us

Then again, this is where a thermal camera can come in handy again. 

A student from Maryland, Andrew Karam, 17, niftily paired a thermal camera with a computer software he made. The system can reveal concealed carry. Hidden firearms or bladed weapons can be detected by the setup telling us how easy it would be to know if you’re meeting someone who has intent other than that of the heart. The stunning invention was showcased in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) way back in 2018. 

Now, if you don’t want the bulk of a standalone thermal camera, you can have the option of a more lightweight add-on. A fantastic option is the smart camera add-on. For instance, you can transform your handy Android phone with PerfectPrime’s IR202. No worries for iOS fans. The IR203 should get you started in no time. 

Shun Crocodiles and Snakes

Americans fill the world, about 331.4 million of us by last 2020 count. While almost a million are in Mexico (our neighbor right at the door), the majority are within the confines of mainland America. Now, we really can’t tell how many couples are there. But one thing’s certain, Valentine’s won’t be forgotten for a sizeable majority. 

All that number of couples translates to infinite choices where a Valentine date would happen. Some may go for the traditional roses-in-hand date in the coolest, glitziest restaurants in town. But others may choose out-of-the-box venues such as by the sea. Or for some, it could be by the swamp. 

If you want the adventure of having your date near a body of water or under a canopy of trees, you might want to consider tagging along with a thermal camera. Not only can the technology allow you to check your partner’s temperature, but most importantly, it can reveal to you if crocodiles or snakes are lurking nearby. 
Just recently, America went wild over an alligator chasing customers of a Florida restaurant in the parking lot. No doubt, alligators are common in the sunny state but seeing it waiting for you with a wide gaping mouth near your parked car is another thing altogether. The good thing making the most of infrared can prevent such a heart attack of an event from ever happening. 

And how about a date on the African safari? Well, if you’re wondering if people have been eaten by animals, be ready for one reality check. Big cats have made dinner of humans, though these are very seldom. Still,  that shows you how much being prepared is on your big date, more so if you plan to enjoy the view in the wild. 

Thermal cameras can detect animals in the wild even from a distance, reason enough why they’re a go-to tech for hunters. Indeed, being prepared is wise — especially on a big day. If you’re wondering how a thermal camera works, a quick refresher should get you there. 

Interestingly, research shows pythons, specifically Burmese pythons, have nowhere to hide when infrared technology is hunting them. The mighty snakes are of Florida becomes as clear as day. The best part’s the technology allows people to know their whereabouts in a wink of an eye and from a safe distance. 


Nix Drink Laced with Drugs

A chance encounter is all a sexual predator would need to carry out his wishes. The story of how Bill Cosby, America’s most loved dad who’s now a convicted felon, made the most of his star power to abuse supermodels and wannabe actors. Of course, we now know he had some timely help: in the form of quaaludes and Benadryl

Though these sedative drugs are now prohibited, more sinister forms of “party drugs” are now in place, stealing the scenes in disco pubs and house parties all over America. 

  • Date rape or sometimes called acquaintance rape affects about 13% to 27% of college-age women. 

So what are you to do? Well, if you want to make sure your drink is not laced with drugs, you can carry your fave pooch along and let the animal have some of the drink. Wise decision, right? Or, you may want to go straight to the point: Let a thermal camera do its part. 

Well, current research has shown infrared technology can be used to detect drugs in one’s saliva. It can even detect drugs in wastewater. And yet, said technology is still not available for mass use. Still, that reveals how much promise thermal imaging has right now. 


Avoid Drinking Too Much

When we are intoxicated, our emotions are magnified. So, introverts who keep their thoughts to themselves may find themselves a little more talkative. It can be liberating. But on one end of the spectrum, it can create problems. 

Meeting a tipsy date can mean you could be looking at one emotional roller coaster of a ride. Research shows men could be more sexually aggressive when intoxicated. The problem is such aggression can lead to rape if you’re not careful. 

Another sad consequence of being with a drunk person or being drunk yourself is tragic road accidents. It’s disheartening to know thousands of Americans perish yearly due to drunk driving. 

  • In 2016 alone, over 10,000 people died due to alcohol-impaired driving
  • There are about 111 million self-reported incidents of alcohol-impaired driving all over America yearly

Fortunately, you do not need to go through complicated testing to know someone is intoxicated. A thermal can get the job done, and fast. 

As detailed by Business Insider, infrared technology can reveal if a person is under the influence of alcohol. A thermal camera’s ability to detect distinct changes in the temperature of our faces can work wonders. Paired with a computer algorithm, scientists have proven that infrared cameras can detect if a person is drunk or not. 

After a scotch on the rocks or a glass of red wine, all that alcohol is bound to make the blood vessels widen and relax. Such expansion only serves to bring the blood vessels a little closer to the skin than usual. In effect, your face gets reddish and hot. All that heat pattern is enough for thermal to form a conclusion and tell everyone how intoxicated a person is. 


And Then Some 

Even more awesome, infrared technology can help you celebrate your Valentine’s like never before. It can surely show you the way to elevate your time together a notch higher. 

Cooking Together

Right off the bat, cooking can be one unforgettable Valentine’s Day activity, so true if you have both great passion for food. Imagine how much the work unifies you. You collaborate, help one another to create one mouth-watering dish after another. It’s almost like you’re dancing as one. Best of all, it’s one activity that won’t make your wallet burst open

An infrared imaging tech is a natural in the kitchen. In fact, it beats native sensors already ingrained in a kitchen electronic. For one, it can check your oven temp far better than the analog knob or the digital read-out of the cooker. It can even check the freezer or refrigerator temperature far better than installed dials. 

And how about detecting leaks in your gas line. That can be short work for your infrared device. Or detecting faults in your water supply line. 

Ghost Hunting Together

If you’re trip is to run after the unseen and explore the paranormal, thermal imaging can be a timely boost. Ghost hunting during Valentine’s Day can be one awesome way to treat your partner or group of friends to one adrenaline-boosting event. Assuming you’re all healthy and not prone to a heart attack of course. 

For many ghost hunters, the thermal camera’s ability to detect the unseen is tops. It’s no surprise the device is the go-to equipment for serious enthusiasts. And it should be yours too if you want to make the most of your journey to the most feared places on the planet. 

Driving in the Dark

Having a thermal camera with you means you won’t have to go blind in the dark. Objects become visible when seen in the eyes of a thermal camera. Thus, if you’re planning to go road tripping to another state, you’d be wise to bring along the electronic wonder. In fact, incorporating it into your precious car should be wise. You should be able to diminish your driving risks by leaps and bounds. 

The use of thermal is fast becoming a key method of assistance for drivers. For one, visibility is a major issue in car crashes. But with infrared able to detect objects through haze and fog, getting one should be a timely tick on your list of safety measures while on the road. 

Animal Love

Taking care of your pets can be a daunting task if you’re not an expert. This Valentine’s, however, you can spread the loving with a thermal imaging device in hand. Animals produce heat. So, when your fave pooch gets sick, its temperature fluctuates. By using thermal imagers you can check on the body temperature of your pet and know if they’re in trouble or not. 

If you’re wondering what are other things a thermal camera can do, here’s a brief. Ultimately, you’ll realize your life is a lot more exciting with the technology at your beck and call. 

For a quick peek at PerfectPrime amazing line-up of infrared camera products, click here. Be sure to click on the latest coupon to avail of discounts. For Amazon orders, click here. You might find it uncommon but truth be told, infrared technology can be the best gift you can have this Valentine’s Day. Indeed, love is truly better in the eyes of a thermal camera

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