Thanksgiving 2021: Complete Your Family Dinner with this Thermal Camera Gift!

Thanksgiving 2021: Complete Your Family Dinner with this Thermal Camera Gift!

Putting a thermal camera on top of your to-buy list this Thanksgiving 2021 may sound out-of-this-world for you. Then again, that may be the best decision you’ll ever make in this once-a-year family dinner.

It’s true. You’re highly likely to be scrounging for pennies with the rising inflation rate this holiday season.

But in the final analysis, keeping the family intact and in the best of health is priority #1. Exactly why PerfectPrime’s IR0280H is bound to complete your family-studded dinner this 25th of November as no other gift can.

Long-held Tradition, Changing Landscapes

At first, Founding Father George Washington who served from 1789 to 1797 as the first American president, instituted Thanksgiving to be observed every 26th of November. But Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president (and arguably the most popular) had a better idea. In his third year as president, long-tall Abe declared every last Thursday of November as the day for the traditional Thanksgiving Day. The rest is history.

There were many traditions that have been handed down ever since. But right from the get-go, Thanksgiving Day was a day for the family. And it’s hard to argue that.

But lest we forget, a little perspective should bid us well. While there’s a strong urge to be as festive as can be, take note of how our 4th of July celebrations this year seemed to have fallen flat on its face. Simply put, freedom celebration was met with the unbelievable rise of COVID-19 cases, specifically the Delta variant.

Dramatic Rise of COVID-19 Cases After Independence Day USA

Dramatic Rise of COVID-19 Cases After Independence Day USA
Source: DW News/ John Hopkins University

Now, we may not want to sound alarmist but not facing reality squarely can be disastrous. Truth be told, a significant number of American families would be doing Thanksgiving 2021 without the presence of key members. As data would show, COVID-19 cases are still largely in circulation. 

Current COVID-19 Cases USA (Nov 2, 2021 to Nov 8, 2021)

Current COVID-19 Cases USA (Nov 2, 2021 to Nov 8, 2021)
Source: CDC

Total Number of COVID-19 Deaths USA: 775,000
Total Number of COVID-19 Cases USA: 46.6 m

Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost expert on diseases, summarized the current COVID-19 situation in a McClatchy interview in two words: mixed bag.

Fauci described the situation as a “mixed bag” expounding further, “I feel good that the cases, the hospitalizations and the deaths are coming down. I’m still concerned that we have 64 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not been vaccinated.”

And although he urged Americans who are vaccinated to go ahead and enjoy the holidays, Fauci is still “frustrated” about the high risks coming from unvaxxed people who are unvaccinated.

The last look even those vaccinated individuals are not immune from getting the virus. New research shows household transmission even amongst inoculated people can happen; it’s an especially scary prospect knowing new variants of the virus are evolving.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), variants are classified according to the threat posed:

COVID-19 Variants

COVID-19 Variants
Source: CDC/WHO

Indeed, Thanksgiving would never be the same again for an estimated 6.5 million Americans who’ve lost a close relative due to the virus. That means a substantial chunk of the population will have to contend with a dinner table lacking one chair or more than the usual. 

A Thermal Camera Gift for the Family

Obviously, changes in state policy with regards to the virus can be confusing. A glorious example there is Florida. And yet, all this doesn’t erase the fact that you need protection from the virus. Now, more than ever.

And that’s exactly why PerfectPrime’s IR0280H offering is spot on. With all the bells and whistles you need, this infrared device allows you to put priority on protecting the most important people in your life.

Here’s a video to show you how this thermal imaging device can change your life for the better. Plus, we’re breaking down how it can provide a greater shield for your ultimate protection below:

1) Protect Your Family


No less than the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has stipulated how 10 of his family members have died due to the virus. Again, he emphasized how important it is to get adequate protection for everyone you love. It’s exactly why the IR0280H is heaven-sent.

For starters, you have 0.6°F (0.3°C) accuracy levels here: a world first. That means you don’t have a run-of-the-mill ordinary fever detection thermal camera to take care of your precious ones. With its high accuracy levels, changes in the temperature of any of your kin can be detected with ease.

Also, such cutting-edge technology means you can rest easy everyone on the dinner table is safe from harm. As efficient as the 230-gram device (light as a pet hamster) is, you need not worry about misreadings.

2) Protect Your Precious Abode


How many times does a courier or Amazon delivery guy knocks on your door? How about home parties? How will you ensure every one is as healthy as can be? Take note that in the spirit of the holidays, you have a string of celebrations lining up. And you really can’t say no to a visiting relative, can you? So, what are you to do?

Well, it’s about time you install a sentry to guard your precious abode. One that automatically sends a notification when you need it most.

  • The good news is IR0280H is tripod-ready. So you can use it as a handheld device or set things up on a tripod (not included). You can position the device right at the door. That way, everyone who comes in for Thanksgiving dinner is vetted automatically. No sweat. By putting the infrared device in heavy traffic, you ensure greater efficiency. What’s even more amazing is you need not worry about the alarms.
  • With its Multi Alert System, the IR0280H will notify you when it catches people with questionable temperatures. Even better, the infrared device automatically takes a photo of the flagged person. So you can focus on your daily to-do list and need not have to babysit the device every now and then.

3) Protect You

check temp

What greater argument to gift yourself of a nifty thermal device than greater protection for yourself. Think about it this way: greater protection for you equals greater protection for everyone you love.

Why? Simply put, it’s because a healthier you means a healthier everyone in the family. Take note, there are still parts of the United States that are taking a huge hit from the virus. A classic example of these is the Mountain West regions (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana).

That certainly is bad news as the holiday season approaches.

That’s why counting on PerfectPrime matters the most. No doubt it is of superior technology. Made from Germany, the infrared device carries German advanced chip technology allowing it to track errant heat signatures with ease.

Plus, as light as the electronic device is, you can bring the device wherever you need to. Allowing you to enjoy as many Christmas parties as you can. Or travel the world in you want.

You can even gift a set to the family. That certainly is possible. Even with its world-class features, PerfectPrime’s IR0280H does not carry a heavy price tag. It’s professional-grade technology at consumer-level prices.

It stretches your budget like no other.

Surely, if there’s anything to complete your Thanksgiving Dinner 2021 and all the celebrations the holidays bring, this device should. It can give you the peace of mind you need.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s a thermal device for the season.

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