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AS1001 aspara™ Nature AS1001WH Hydroponic Smart Grower

AS1001 aspara™ Nature AS1001WH Hydroponic Smart Grower

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  • Bring Nature Into Your Home

    The aspara Nature hydroponic smart grower is a new player in the hydroponic indoors growers world. With its patent pending LED lights, unique minimalist design and 10 smart sensors working around the clock to ensure your plant’s growth is optimized and that you are in full control of its growing speed via an app on your mobile.

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    • Patent pending LED system
    • 30 preset light program for 15 different plants
    • Fully automated central water system
    • Smart Sensors: Utilising latest technology, the sensors monitors your environment for optimum growing conditions
    • Automatic watering system: Aerate your plants and takes care of their nutritional needs using specialised ebb-and-flow technology
    • Soilfree and Clean: Plant your produce anytime of the year and watch it grow up to 5x faster than traditional methods
    • App Control: Manage your growth programs manually or via an app and get instant updates on your seeds/plant progress
    • Capacity: 16 grow holes
    • LED lights intensity: 300umolm-2s-1 max
    • Water capacity: 0.79 gallons (3 Litres)
    • Water system: Automatic watering system (with proprietary reverse ebb & flow technique)
    • Grow light
    • Patent pending adjustable LED grow light.
    • Blends red, blue, white light to provide most suitable spectrum for plant growth and visual
    • Adjustable in both intensity and spectrum to cater different plant needs at different growth stage.
    • Product dimension:
    • Width: 21.0 inches (53.34 cm)
    • Depth: 13.1 inches (33.27 cm)
    • Height: 14.4 inches (36.58 cm)
    • Power: 60W (Maximum)
    • Operating voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11b/g/n compatible
    • Certifications: cETLSus compliance test(in progress) CE compliance test(in progress)
  • Download User (English) Manual 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
exceptional service !!!

Updated both app and firmware. All issues are now resolved. Thank you for your fast response. Very nice product and exceptional service.

Aspara is working very well

After initial problem in setting up and downloading of the latest App, My Aspara is working very well. Today is my 5th day using and the seeds start to germinate by Day 3. The creator has done well in designing and building this grower. The build is sold and certainly will be conversational piece when friends come over to my place. Worth the wait!!

A Fantastic addition to our family and home

This one of a kind machine can easily grow a variety of vegetables or plants while I am being busy with other things. I can easily make sure that it is in good weather condition and under lightings that helps them grow faster and healthier. Aspara has an easy to use function that helps me do my planting hobbies while being away, whether I’m at the office or out shopping. The app control makes it convenient for me and I know I will be having a healthy dinner every time it is ready to harvest. With its minimalistic, clean design it also made my kitchen look more appealing to the eye.

I am able to grow a large variety of seeds, whether from aspara’s seed kit or my own. It may seem intimidating at first with all the equipment and work involved, but it all seems simple enough once you get the hang of the basics. Start small, keep it simple, and these hydroponic system will never cease to amaze me! Growing with hydroponics comes with many advantages, the biggest of which is the greatly increased rate of growth in my plants. With the proper setup, my plants will mature up to 25% faster and produce up to 30% more than the same plants grown in soil, which was the method I used before.

Looking forward to growing newer and more kinds of vegetables in the future.

Nice Product!

I really like it. My kid keeps playing and staring at it the whole time. Hooray, germination starts within 5 days.

Can grow anything I want at home with this hydroponic garden

Just finished setting up this lovely indoor planting device a couple days ago and now I have more incentives to eat more vegetables. Extremely excited and can’t wait to see my veggies bloom. Looking forward to using the freshly grown veggies with my family to add to our current meals. Eating your own indoor plants and knowing it grows in your kitchen, in a perfect lighting, temperature and the right amount of water puts your mind at rest. Making the impossible possible with this device that has so far exceeded my expectations. Not only willing I be able to eat more vegetables, but just having these plants in my kitchen makes the place look cleaner, neater and easier to breathe. Taking innovation on planting from my old backyard to this made my traditional way much easier while I do my work and other stuff, that's the price I can live with.