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IR0001 Thermal Camera

IR0001 Thermal Camera

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  • Thermal Camera IR0001

    The IR0001 thermal imaging camera is the best cheap thermal camera used in leak detection and identify problem area within the household insulation. With several different features to adjust depending on the application you use it for, it is assured to deliver reliable and accurate results.

    Featured on Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews consecutively in the top three for 10 best infrared cameras on Best Review guide, lastly an Amazon choice product.

    Cost competitive when compared to the likes of the next competitor it can be used to check car engines, factory equipment, electrical connections, and hot spots.

    • 1,024 IR Pixel Resolution
    • 8 GB micro SD card
    • Simple Navigation Buttons
    • Temperature Range from -4°F to 572°F (-20°C to 300°C)
    • 2.4 in. Full Angle HD Display
    Note: For applications requiring greater detailed images please consider using the higher resolution cameras; best viewing distance: 1. 6 ft. to 16 ft. Note: Please use 4 x AA alkaline battery 1. 5V only, for best performance
  • Specification Description
    Infrared image resolution  32*32 (1024 pixels)
    Visible image resolution  0.3 mega pixels
    Thermal sensitivity  0.015°C
    Temperature measurement range  -4°F~572°F (-20~300°C)
    Measurement precision  ±2% or ±2°C (±2% or ±4)
    Display screen  2.4" full-angle high resolution
    Wavelength coverage  8-14um 
    Field angle/shortest focus length 


    Emissivity  Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
    Focus mode  Fixed
    Image capture frequency  6 Hz
    Color palette  Spectra, iron, cool, black and white
    View option  25% step infrared to vision to infrared and vision image
    Image storage  Mini SD Card
    Image format  bmp
    Battery type  1.5V x 4 power supply (For best performance use Alkaline Battery)
    Battery service life  6 hours
    Auto power-off time  12 minutes
    Authentication  CE (EN61326-1:2006)
    Size  212×95×62mm
    Product Weight  320g
    Work temperature  -5°C to ±40°C
    Storage temperature  -20°C - +50°C
    Humidity  10% RH to 80% RH
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
I bough this IR camera for X'mas gift. I ...

I bough this IR camera for X'mas gift. I guess it will be special enough for home used or ghost hunting......

Five Stars


I got a product that did not work correctly but ...

I got a product that did not work correctly but I have contacted the seller and they sent it back and it works well. Reliable sellers.

Good enough as the price beats all

Low resolution IR camera. Good enough as the price beats all.

Another IR imager I bought from Perfect Prime. The resolution is the same as IR0175, pretty low but good enough for my purpose. This one cost a bit more with some extra functions. Visible light images provided and can be displayed overlaying with IR images. This make life easier when there are multiple objects on screen. Images data can be stored in SD. That would be useful when preparing reports.

IR0001 offers all the functions I need at a good price. It may not be good enough for other pals but I really like it. Perfect Prime IR0002 provides higher resolution, at a higher price of course.

5 Stars entry level thermal camera

5 Stars entry level thermal camera.

The resolution seemed a bit low when I first switched it on. After tried it out around the house, the performance surprised me. It can roughly show the objects with different colors according to temperature. As the camera has the option to show visible objects with IR image, it is easy locating heat source on the screen. Images can be saved in SD.

Regarding the low price, I am satisfied with this product. For pals who want higher resolution ones, seller has got IR0002 with pretty the same function.